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Lifeless, the zombie TV series

Here’s the first five minutes of Lifeless, an upcoming TV series about everyone’s favourite rotting aberrations. I’ve watched a few of the trailers on the official site and, while I haven’t warmed to any of the characters, I think it has potential. It’s got a serious tone, which I like, as well as a low-key approach on the special effects and music – another good sign. There doesn’t appear to be a release date and the last bit of news I can find on it is from two months ago, but I’m seeing “2009” tossed about enthusiastically. So who knows?

Lifeless isn’t the only zombie series in the works – there’s also the Frank Darabont adaptation of Image Comics’ graphic novel The Walking Dead, which looks like it’s gaining traction. In movie world, Zombieland, a ZomCom starring Woody Harrelson, is out soon and there’s always World War Z, tentatively dated for 2010. Here’s hoping J. Michael Straczynski can do a wonderful job of it… though I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t.

~ by Logan on September 15, 2009.

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  1. hmmmm…. i think its a but stupid that he takes a baseball bat with him when he is just looking oround and that there is no zombies about at the start when the car brakes down.