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Deadnaut, a game of sci-fi tactical horror, is out now

Deadnauts, so named because they’re unlikely to return, must explore, investigate and fight their way through the derelict ships of dead civilisations. Every mission is unique and no two locations are the same. Each ship contains mysterious enemies and hostile security systems.

Manage your Deadnauts’ skills, talents, relationships and flaws – and you might get them out alive.

  • Squad-based tactics: Control five complex characters as they explore, investigate and fight their way through each mission.
  • Character generation: Create back stories for your team, mould their relationships and equip them well.
  • Every game is unique: Dynamically-generated missions and campaigns ensure no two mysteries are the same.
  • Flexible and complex: Adapt to your situation with an arsenal of weapons and shields, or use stealth, hacking and sensors to move unnoticed.
  • Out of control: Deadnauts have their own fears, motivations and dispositions. Stay in charge, keep in contact, don’t let them out of your sight.

You can get the game direct from Screwfly, or if you prefer Steam, it’s available there too!

~ by Logan on December 25, 2014.

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