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TrackWork initiative tracker updated to v0.53, now supports Pathfinder

I had a few requests to add support for Pathfinder to my lightweight D&D initiative tracker. I also took the opportunity to address a few bugs people had pointed out. Oh, and there’s a new icon so it matches the rest of my role-playing tools such as CrawlNotes for dungeon mapping and the 4e Power Toolkit.

Here’s a list of changes:

– Added support for Pathfinder. Touch AC, Flat-Footed AC and CMD can now be entered for combatants.

– Reactivated the heal / wound buttons from v0.4. Back by popular demand!

– Fixed a bug that prevented negative values for most statistics.

– Fixed a bug that would cause the program to crash if negative values were entered for Listen / Spot skills.

– Fixed a bug with the random number generator that would set the maximum value for a random roll to be one less than the actual maximum (so a d20 would be 1-19).

– Made some of the checkbox descriptions clearer.

– Few other miscellaneous tweaks and UI improvements.

Download TrackWork v0.53

~ by Logan on June 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “TrackWork initiative tracker updated to v0.53, now supports Pathfinder”

  1. hey i recently came across your site through searching for some 4e tools and found your power card creator and the initiative tool very helpful.
    just wanted to say thanks for making these great and simple programs and keep up the great work!

  2. I’m using TrackWork 0.53, and it is very good. Is there a work on a newer version? This one have some bugs and few thing I’d like to be improved. For example, it crashes on added event. And it can be cool to just double-click on cambatant for editing… Thanks! Anyone have email of this Logan Booker, creator of program?

  3. Good start! Need a button that rerolls everyone’s initiative.