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I’m going to dispense with the usual ‘Hello!’ post you see on fresh blogs and get straight into my current project.

Project: Keeper
Tech: Warcraft 3, Blizzard Entertainment
Tools: World Editor

Okay, that was surprisingly brief and almost skeletal in regards to information. So here’s a bit more.

Summary: Keeper is a multiplayer map for Warcraft 3. It requires five players for its optimal playing experience, however, it can be played with as little as two. Basic gameplay is that of a real-time strategy with the traditional top-down perspective.

The following explanations assume the player understands the gameplay of Warcraft 3.

Player 1 controls a force known as ‘The Dungeon’. While this force technically consists of two players – ‘Keeper’ and ‘Minions’ – Player 1 is only ever in control of the Keeper while the computer handles the Minions. Using various upgrades and indirect methods, the Keeper can mould the Minions to suit his style of play.

Players 2 to 6 control individual heroes. Four heroes are available at the beginning of the game – Blade Fighter, Barbarian, Sorcerer and Cleric – each fulfilling a particular role. The Blade Fighter and Barbarian provide melee support and damage, while the Sorcerer and Cleric back-line support and damage. Each role is further fleshed out using spells and abilities.

The game is limited to a single map, longer than it is wide. At the bottom of the map is the heroes’ town, defend by basic towers. The other two-thirds of the top of the map are the dungeon, populated by ten bosses.

In order for the Keeper and Minions to win, the Keeper must destroy the town by upgrading his creatures to defeat its defences or delay the heroes long enough for him to achieve his Ultimate form.

In order for the heroes to succeed, all ten bosses in the dungeon must be killed. When a boss dies, the players will be rewarded with the following:

• A small quantity of lumber, redeemable – in addition to gold – for equipment.
• The town’s defences will be upgraded.
• The Keeper’s periodic income will be reduced.

As the heroes destroy both bosses and minions, they will gain experience to increase their level. Higher levels provide access to better equipment and stronger abilities. Therefore, the heroes must moderate their progress through the dungeon, balancing the need to protect the town with that of killing bosses.

It is in the Keeper’s best interests to keep his bosses alive for as long as possible, to maintain maximum income and prevent his minions from being overcome by the town’s defences, delaying its destruction and forcing the Keeper to spend his income improving them.

I think that’s enough for today. I’ll start getting into the specifics tomorrow. If you have any questions (or suggestions), just post a comment and I’ll try to answer.

~ by Logan on July 11, 2007.

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