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What’s with all the zombies, huh?

Rule against having zombies in your game? Certainly doesn’t exist. Heck, I’d be in an arseload of trouble if it were the case. But my undead-o-meter has been smacking max the last few days and it’s really beginning to hurt.

First, there was World of Warcraft and its zombie invasion. Right, I can handle that. Then Call of Duty: World at War (which, apart from the co-op, is very much in “meh” territory for me) flaunted its unlockable zombie mode.

So, my fill of zombies and gaming was definitely had. The buttons on my pants were undone and to consume another morsel of cadaverous goodness would surely result in something distinctly Monty Python-esque.

Then… bam! Zombies!!! for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. I’ve played a few games of Zombies!!! the board game and let me just say, well, it’s no Settlers of Catan. It’s very luck-based, and the dogs in the fourth (?) expansion are hardcore to the point of epic fail.

There is such a thing as overexposure and as much as I like zombies, they’re basically the gaming world’s Brangelina right now. It’s almost enough to turn me off Left 4 Dead.


~ by Logan on October 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “What’s with all the zombies, huh?”

  1. Give them a few weeks, they’ll die out soon.

  2. or die and come back