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Zafehouse: When less is more

I only just found this review of Zafehouse at ThanksForPlaying, though it was written more than a year ago. I think it does a great job of summarising what the game is all about.

There’s one section in particular I got a lot out of, which I’ll replicate here:

The big thing is when you play the game is that its plot sneaks up on you. At least it snuck up on me. Which is very odd being that there is no plot. None. No scripted events, no expository notices during gameplay, no radio transmissions, nada. So how did a plot sneak in when I played? The game is so basic, so lacking in story direction that I made it myself. I couldn’t help it. These people I controlled all had names. Except for the three I start out with I saved all of them. They were all people who I began to fill in their lives.

My original 3 fighters all took control. They had the best guns, they always had the most ammo, and they always were the first on the front lines. They cleared houses and buildings valiantly, they saved the weak and bashed the undead. Then Robert got bit. He was hurt and fevered. Delirious from the attack George and Harry brought Robert back to the house. The house that in my mind’s eye was the house I now live in. Robert was laid down on the couch and Harry patched up the injured arm. Robert said he was fine and demanded to go back out to search for more survivors. So the three of them went out. They found so[me] water and so[me] ammunition, and then came back. Robert wasn’t looking any better. He was still sick, and getting worse. It was only a matter of time and they all knew it. It was a necessary betrayal but even so had anyone survived that horrible night, none would have forgiven themselves.

George and Harry confronted Robert at the front door of the house. They refused to let him pass.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but the real game behind Zafehouse only became apparent to me when other people started playing it.

So, once again, I’d like to thank, profusely, anyone and everyone who has played Zafehouse. You honestly are my motivation and inspiration.

~ by Logan on August 20, 2009.

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