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Zafehouse v1.8 available, source code released

Took time out of Deadshed’s development to give Zafehouse a little attention. Well, moderate attention.

Here are the changes, straight from the changelog:

-Fixed score upload problem (not code-related) (Thanks Banjo)

-Executable has a new icon

-Separated weapons and survivors in the raid priority dialogue (Thanks Banjo). New raid chances are 70%, 15%, 10%, 5%

-Fixed a bug that prevented survivors from having a chance to be injured when found in buildings (Thanks kronos)

-Added new version check on Help screen

-Added support for custom names:
To use custom names, open or create a file called “names.txt” in the same directory as Zafehouse.exe. Then add names, one line at a time, to the file. Save it, and next time the game loads, it will randomly select a name from the file until it runs out of choices. At this point it will refer back to the internal list.

I’ve also released the source code. For security reasons, it doesn’t include any of the online components.

The front page of the main site has been updated with all the important stuff, so be sure to pay it a visit.


~ by Logan on January 12, 2009.

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