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Zafehouse Infection: The Fan Mod

Zafehouse has its second user-made modification, thanks to flap on the game’s official forums. Based on the v1.82 source code released recently, Zafehouse Infection amps up a number of features of the game, while adding a few new things for you (and I suppose, the undead) to sink your teeth into. Version 1.0 is already up and available for play.

The mod includes the following changes:

– Infection is now contagious, but there is a small chance to heal it.

– Weapons can be loaded automatically, and when giving a range weapon to someone, is it automatically loaded with one box.

– Barricades higher than heavy block survivors movement

– It is possible to weaken barricades to recover some supplies

– Survivors fighting alongside family members [survivors with the same surname] get an attack and defense bonus

– A survivor can only be cured once per hour.

If you’d like to help flap out, or just give his version a whirl, head over to the progress log on the forums, or check out the list of planned changes and ideas.

Zafehouse Infection V1.00 – Fan edition – Progress Log [Zafehouse forums]

~ by Logan on December 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Zafehouse Infection: The Fan Mod”

  1. Great mod, liked the new infection thing. I used the mansion as a hospital and was trying to help a survivor that was infected, he threw up over one of my other players and e got infected, luckily i cured both of them… only for them to be killed later when we were overrun by zombies. Has anyone got any ZH tips? i’ve never completed the game before lol

  2. scratch that, i completed the game when i had 6 people in the mansion all over 24 hours and all armed with shotguns :D