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Zafehouse finds some friends

My tiny zombie opus Zafehouse was picked up by the very readable Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Fantastic stuff, I might add:

Like most of the recent PC-freeware zombie games, it’s looking more at the zombie-survivalist angle rather than the well-explored Resident Evil-esque part. That is, it’s a game about gathering supplies (while avoiding being eaten by zombies) to spend on killing zombies. In other words, it’s about deciding what you want to spend your resources on.

I agree with the criticisms mentioned later in the article (hard to see where perks are going, limited places in buildings), and given the time and resources, I’d love to do a super-improved version.

Trembling Hand’s Dave Kidd also noticed that Zafehouse makes for an excellent diary game.

~ by Logan on August 26, 2008.

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