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The tales of Zafehouse

Having Zafehouse picked up by Rock, Paper, Shotgun was 12 kinds of awesome.

For a while, I thought 12 was the limit. Then, a couple of players smashed this number into oblivion, drowned the dozen of awesome in a torrent of fantastic, and showed me Zafehouse’s true potential.

Over at a forum called Sekrit, user FinalSin not only ran a diary game using Zafehouse, he went to the trouble of inserting the nicks of other forum goers into the random name generator via the source code. I won’t spoil it for you, but sufficed to say it’s an entertaining read.

On a similar plane of radical is the blog Poisoned Sponge, where the author used the events of a Zafehouse game to write a fictional journal. It’s a three-parter and definitely worth your eyeball time.

It’s a fantastic feeling knowing people are doing things with your game you never considered, transforming it from machine code into an experience. The event system in Deadshed was inspired by two things: a conversation with buddy David Kidd, and these guys.

So yes, the sequel is for you.

~ by Logan on October 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “The tales of Zafehouse”

  1. Really glad you liked the work. I’ll definitely reprise the role for Deadshed when it comes out, so long as it lends itself to pause and play type gaming.

  2. Definitely. Deadshed runs in real-time with a pause button, rather than turn-based. Think X-Com. :)

  3. Aww. I didn’t know you’d picked this up! Sorry this is very late getting back. We got all rose-tinted the other day and downloaded the latest version and did another run through. I managed to mess up even earlier that time, unfortunately!

    Looking forward to all of your future projects. Zafehouse is one of those really great games that allows the user to write a good chunk of the story himself. Great stuff.

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