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Fresh, red-tinged look for Zafehouse.com

Yes, I decided it was finally time to give Zafehouse.com a brand new skin. It was coded in a day (phew) and uses WordPress as a CMS, and it seems to be working fine. I have a sneaking suspicion it breaks in older version of Internet Explorer, but I’ll get round to fixing that.

For now, Firefox and Chrome love it, and that suits me just great. Go take a look!

Zafehouse [Official site]

~ by Logan on November 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Fresh, red-tinged look for Zafehouse.com”

  1. looks really good, it looks as if the game is coming along quite nicely then? do u think that a beta might be out by february next year?

  2. Wow… I opened up Zafehouse.com and I was presented with a lovely new site, good job.

    Can’t wait for Zafehouse 2 and the Mysterious “@Skew”!

  3. @Coded One: Thanks. I plan on expanding the site a bit over the next few weeks, but it’s definitely loads better than what was there before. :)

    I’m pretty excited about @skew. I can only give it minutes of development time with the 4e Power Toolkit and ZH2 boiling away, but @skew is going to be more of an “arty” project – a bit of a breather from the gameplay behemoth of ZH2. It’s like dropping your 700-page novel for a few days to read comics. :)