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Zafehouse 2: Zombies glow red now

When you’re standing next to them. Just so you know which ones are going to bite you if you don’t move somewhere safer. I’m also adding a fade effect when you do room sweeps so zombies don’t “pop” when they appear and disappear. It just looks better.

Fiddling around with the firing logic too. At the moment, survivors try to guess how many shots it’ll take to kill each zombie in their line of sight, starting with the weakest. I thought it was cool until someone pointed out that it’s not realistic. At all. It’s also annoying when a survivor guesses a zombie should take two shots to kill, they fire those two shots and… one of them misses. Cue unexpected flesh-munching.

What (trained) people usually do when they fire a gun is use bursts. The new firing logic will go “Okay, I’m going to fire x rounds at the closest, weakest zombie I can see. If it dies, move onto something else. Otherwise, fire another burst”. The x is determined by the weapon and experience level of the survivor.

Once the combat demo is out, I’ll be curious to hear how people find the auto target selection/shooting done by survivors. I wanted to add more control, without entirely sacrificing the feel of the first game.

~ by Logan on August 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Zafehouse 2: Zombies glow red now”

  1. First, and I’m waiting for that lovely combat demo, unfortunetly, I now have school, so I might not be able to play it that much :(

  2. I forgot over time how was the combat intended to work so i totally have no idea what are you talking about. Guess i just wait for the demo. :)

  3. ..the polish with the fade and glow effect sound nice though.