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Who wants a Zafehouse 2 combat video?

Slaved away at combat all weekend. I was determined to get in by Sunday.

And I did it. My fingers are looking a little nubby, but hey, I can always learn to type with my toes.

Of course, it’ll need tuning, and bells and whistles, but the functionality is working great. I’m really pleased with the zoomed-in room, it adds another, much needed layer to the proceedings. I also took steps to “compact” zombie activities… while each zombie is individually simulated, I don’t think you want to read 15 lines of combat log every time they try to bite you. Instead, zombies will pick tasty targets, and attack in packs. So, the combat log is verbose when reporting on your survivors, but succinct when it comes to the undead.

The more immediate pay-off for this work is that I’m reasonably confident I can put up a video this week of combat. Consider it a gift for those who have stuck with me through the game’s development!

~ by Logan on October 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Who wants a Zafehouse 2 combat video?”

  1. Woohoo! Definitely looking forward to the video.

  2. when do u think the vid will be out?

  3. @murray: At this stage, Friday. Flat out at work at the moment, so that’s really the only time I’ll have to sort it out. :)