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This is what Zafehouse 2.5 looks like

Pretty different. Very different.

Welcome to the new-look Zafehouse 2, or Zafehouse 2.5 to help separate it from previous efforts. The game is based entirely around manipulation of a dynamic journal. Chapters keep locations, events, supplies and survivor information nicely contained. A special context-sensitive entry system allows you to configure events, lock them in, and then accelerate time. When something occurs, time will stop, allowing you to react however you see fit.

Survivors will report in as they return from their adventures, meaning you must rely entirely on them for information. Figure out who to trust, and you’ll do fine. Piss everyone off, and you’re all doomed.

Expect more shots and info in the coming weeks.

~ by Logan on January 23, 2011.

18 Responses to “This is what Zafehouse 2.5 looks like”

  1. Very interesting and fresh approach. You know, the things like path finding, icons, map generation, sounds… its not really needed, a human mind is so powerful it can shape any situation to the last detail, all its need its the written word input.

  2. @kulik: My thinking exactly. There will be sound, though it’s more about ambience than effects.

  3. Interesting idea. That’s interesting too to see how you much you are searching and trying for your next game.

  4. So wait, there will be no map or combat, etc, in this zafehouse?

  5. @murray: There’s no map, but there most certainly will be combat.

    When you think about it, the map in Zafehouse 1 wasn’t really a map – the relationship between the buildings in terms of distance, size, etc wasn’t reflected in the gameplay. It was simply a slightly prettier way of selecting the buildings. The alternative was a list. :P

    I should also point out the combat in Zafehouse wasn’t very visual either. It’s a style I can replicate and enhance with this new approach.

    I already have a design planned for the combat, which I’ll share as soon as I have screenshots to accompany it.

  6. Can you release what you did have done so some talented members can complete it somehow?

  7. @bbad89: I am contemplating the release of the old ZH2 code, so others can plug away at it to whatever ends they wish. Still undecided, but if I get enough interest then it’s very possible.

    As for 2.5, development is leaps and bounds more progressive than what it’s been. You won’t be waiting centuries for it this time round. In fact, just last night I implemented the raiding code. That would have taken weeks using the old code base.

  8. Just played the zombie remake of Oregon trail, if you didn’t played it give it a go, you wont regret it! http://hatsproductions.com/organtrail.html
    I’m posting this, cause as you know apart from the scavenging minigame one animation and picture artworks, it looks similar to where i think Zafehouse 2.5 is going.

  9. And one more thing, if you want to make it more dramatic and immersive choose the names of your survivors to people you love and care about. …this may be a great thing for Zafehouse 2.5 to have as well.

  10. He has said before that having custom names will always be a part of zafehouse

  11. Hey Logan, do you think it would be possible to do weekly(or at least biweekly) updates? I do get saddened coming on here and noticing that nothing is new.

  12. Hey this looks cool! I’ll be eager for updates on the development, and for an eventual release (let’s hope soon!).
    Keep it up! :)


  14. Mate, you should port this to PSP too.
    (I tried with Zafehouse source but noway, wasn’t straight C)

  15. Where are you? We need news!!!

  16. Updates are incoming! I’m expecting to put out an alpha for everyone to try soon, mainly for feedback on the interface. Hang tight!

    PS. I should let everyone know I changed jobs in early Jan and just got back from San Fran for GDC, which threw a spanner in the works. Shifted everything on ZH2 back a month unfortunately.


  18. Dude, estimates are a hard thing to do. You never know what might happen when you’re developing. You’ll squash one bug but that might cause a couple more and so on and so fourth. Be patient, the best he can give us is soon until it’s actually finished.