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Six new Zafehouse 2 screenshots

If you take a gander at Zafehouse 2’s media section at the official Zafehouse website, you’ll notice a bunch of fresh screens from the latest build of the game. Combined, the shots demonstrate combat, the day/night cycle, trade window, furniture destruction and a heap of UI updates over the first gameplay video.

All the thumbnails can be clicked for larger versions, if squinting isn’t your thing, and I can assure you they want to be clicked. By you. Right now.

Zafehouse 2 – Media [Zafehouse]

~ by Logan on December 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Six new Zafehouse 2 screenshots”

  1. Nice!

    How about some outside movement screenshots?
    I’m sure it was mentioned before about roads, trees and sidewalks.
    Have you got any intention to implement that? As it would make it seem more realistic instead of just being plain ground.

  2. I like these a lot! The night seems spooky. :D
    I don’t understand some things in the top left table. What means the badge the book shield and those six golden “wheels”?

    About those roads trees and sidewalks. They would probably need some advanced procedural computing to make the whole scenery to look like town. That’s some serious coding.

    Logan: I would be interested to read some AAR from your test play of some sort. May be not too detailed and without drama and dialogues to save your time. Just to see if the AAR sounds like a part from a zombie novel. …would be cool, and a it would give us a hint if the thing is going in the right direction.

  3. @murray: I actually thought I took some with outside movement, but it looks like they didn’t turn up in the wash. I’ll replace one to show the waypoint system.

    @kulik242: The left panel is still in flux, so I’m a little hesitant to comment in detail right now. I can say the book (and the bar to the right of it) represents your experience, and the cop badge is placeholder – but that panel will be used to show the survivor’s occupation, if any. The gold wheels will be gone in the next build – they were part of an idea that I’m no longer happy with.

    Night is spooky, especially as you see it become darker and darker. :)

    An AAR is a good idea. I have a tendency to quit out of the game as soon as I find a bug or see something I want to add, but if I manage a completely play-through at some point (and where nothing goes weird), I’ll cobble a report together. :)

    As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am keen to have roads, sidewalks, trees, etc, and I’ve even read a few papers about procedurally generating them. But, it is a complex task. Not outside the realms of being done, but it’s definitely a low priority and any implementation would be mostly aesthetic. I’d rather do such a feature justice and have it be part of the gameplay. If I have time towards the end of development, I might spend some time on it, otherwise, look for it in an expansion/update or similar.

  4. Here we go: http://www.zafehouse.com/images/zh2/zh2_1_big.jpg

  5. Thanks logan, can you explain how outside movement works? do you choose the path you want to survivor to take or something like that?

  6. @murray: Sure. Once a survivor is outside, you can click on an entrance to set a path, which the survivor will follow until you give them another path or they get ambushed. The big squares represent waypoints, so counting the number between your start and destination will let you know how many turns it’ll take to get there.

    You can’t travel anywhere but between entrances, mainly because there’s no point to running around outside.