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A view of Zafehouse 2

Larger version can be found here.

I’ve been working a lot on Zafehouse 2 in the last few weeks, mainly on the UI and technology. It’s starting to look quite slick, and is a vast improvement on the first game. For instance, the main window fills the whole screen and can be scrolled, allowing for a larger playing area. Above is a screenshot from a build about three days old – since then I’ve added a minimap and limited zombie support.

The design aspects are still being nutted out, but there are plenty of great ideas fuelling this project. I should also note all the graphics are currently placeholders, so don’t be surprised if you’ve seen them somewhere else.

~ by Logan on April 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “A view of Zafehouse 2”

  1. Looking good. Cool to see the buildings have septate rooms, I assume you’ll be able to barricade each one individually(or the number of rooms/doors will effect the cost of barricading the building)?
    Good to see you back too.

  2. Thanks. :)

    Yes. Barricading was a key aspect of the first game and I wanted to expand on it with the second. Rooms will sometimes have special qualities such as windows (which allow surprise attacks) and supply boxes (that can be held for a constant trickle of resources).

  3. He’s back! :D

  4. Oh, boy this concept has so much potential, i cant see why there is no other zombie survival management games. Just focus on reality. And try to add many options like amount of zombie infestation, scavenging chances, number of houses etc. this will make it so much more replayable!

  5. Liked the first one and I’md efinitely looking forward to the next one. I’ll be sure to let my fellow zombie lovin’ friends know about it. :’D

  6. Still very excited about this. Here’s a link to our second run-through of the game. Everyone joined in in a group chat, although I broke the game even earlier this time…

  7. http://sekritforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=1571


    More than happy to donate to development a few dollars. It’s a great little game.