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A quick Zafehouse 2 screenshot

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Just a little visual snack for the weekend.

If a room is red, it means it contains zombies or something harmful to you. For this scenario, our survivors have encounter a couple of the undead, and their numbers can be easily seen. Yellow rooms are unsecured – in this case there are windows that need barricading in one of the houses. A room outlined in orange contains equipment or supplies, so you can easily spot your emergency caches. The trade window is also visible in the top-right corner. Finally, the doors filled with various shades of white show you their barricade level – at this stage we have two fully-secured doors, two that are almost depleted and one halfway between these extremes.

Moving the mouse over an event in the Event window highlights the room it has occurred in, while right-clicking on the event will centre the screen on where it happened. When you consider you can double-tap 1, 2, 3, etc, to quickly centre your view on the survivor with that number, navigating to hot spots is fast and simple.

The numbers inside the rooms inform you of what supplies they contain (ammo / barricades / medicine / alcohol), and below that, the number of items and corpses.

“Corpses?” Yes, corpses. More on those in another update…

Update: Yes, this is set in the snow. :)

~ by Logan on September 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “A quick Zafehouse 2 screenshot”

  1. Wow… This is looking great, can’t wait for release/public beta!

    Also: Is blue specifically a window? Or just any door or window that leads to outdoors? And is the map procedurally generated? Part of me wants it to be random, but part of me would want a mode that allows me to play the same map over and over again to find those perfect defensible positions.

    Or maybe use seeds like AI War does. In AI War I can scroll through the seeds till I find an interesting map, it’s pretty snazzy.

    Link to AI War: http://www.arcengames.com/

  2. No, blue just means it’s a door that goes outside (an entrance basically). It was originally just a debug colour so I could tell the game was correctly flagging doors. Windows aren’t marked in any way other than the colour of the room. At this point, only zombies can enter through windows, not survivors, though I might expand on this if I feel it’s needed.

    Maps are randomly generated for the most part, but the placement of hospitals, police stations, schools, etc is procedural. Scenarios might be fixed maps, or randomly generated to fixed specifications. Custom games will have settings so you can choose which buildings are included when the map is created.

    I know this isn’t that informative… I’ll have more details in a few weeks. I will say I do like the scrolling through seeds idea… I quite liked it in Team 17’s Worms, and there’s not a great deal holding me back technically from implementing it. It’ll probably be in a patch though… I’m keen to focus on the core stuff so I can get the game out sooner. :)

    Edit: Actually, screw it. I’ll make windows appear like doors, but coloured differently. A really good idea Coded One, thanks. :D

  3. Oh a snow map, its looks great!
    Does clima affect gameplay somehow or its just visual?
    Hmm ammo is universal? I was hoping for small arms/rifle/shotgun ammo selection for need to decide to take more powerfull weapon running low on ammo or stick to glock because i have two more clips.
    One more thing i wish to ask. Time needed to move from one house to another house is affected by their distance?

  4. 1) The climate will affect gameplay when players are outside, I just haven’t decided what form the benefits/drawbacks will take.

    2) Ammo is universal, with the more powerful weapons using more ammo than the weaker ones. You’ll still need to make the sort of decisions you mention, because 1 unit of ammo for the pistol equals more shots than that of the shotgun.

    3) Distance does not affect the time it takes. Moving into a building takes one turn, as does moving out. I played around with waypoints and such when outside, but it was going beyond the scope of the game.

  5. I understand, but it doesn’t seems right. Please reconsider a way make it so that the distance between building plays a role. Waypoints may be too complicated perhaps something more simple. For instance wouldn’t it be possible to evaluate movement cost by radius? Center would be the room from which i abandoned the house, move to another house in certain radius would cost 1 turn in bigger radius 2 turns and outside of those two circles three turns.
    Or divide playground into square board like in chess.
    Or make it so that buildings have characterized neighbours houses (closest building in direction N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW) and in one turn you can move only from one building to another.

  6. Just wanted to mention each “unit” of ammo can represent multiple rounds for different weapons. Here’s a screenshot to help illustrate: http://www.zafehouse.com/images/ammo_example.jpg.

    In the above image, you could reload this pistol with one ammo unit, which would translate into two shots. An SMG would get three rounds per unit, and a shotgun just one round per unit.

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