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A cop, priest and nurse walk into a zombie apocalypse…

Survivors are the single most important tool you have in Zafehouse 2. It’s up to them to upgrade and barricade doors, raid buildings, place traps and search for others. As you can understand then, getting the right mix of professions in your band of stalwart defenders is critical to winning the game.

Zafehouse 2’s first scenario, called “Patient Zero”, starts you off with two survivors. Both are civilians without intrinsic perks or abilities. They call a lone, 3-4 room house their base. The supply situation is grim at best. Sure, medicines, barricades and even weapons would be great, but if they plan on coming out of the apocalypse unscathed, they’re going to need something special.

They’ll need someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.

To satisfy this desperate requirement, the scenario allows you to recruit up to four additional survivors, for a total of six. If you stick to raiding houses and stores, then your group will slowly fill with civilians, just as green behind the ears as your original duo. But, if you’re willing to take a few (properly prepared for) risks, then a grizzled cop, knowledgeable doctor or calming priest could call your cohort home.

Let’s pick out the cop to show how expert survivor recruitment works. You’ve gone and raided a few homes and collected a pistol, a few bats and a machete. You’ve scavenged a couple of meds and have enough barricades to insulate your main party from your forward scout if things turn gruesome. You distribute your weapons, hand over your bandages to your scout, and move your guys outside the police station.

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

Searching a large and important building like the police station is a dangerous affair. During the start of the outbreak, it’d have looked an appealing sanctuary for the scared masses… including those already infected. It’s not the hive of undead activity the hospital is, but it remains an active breeding ground for zombies. In fact, unless you bust in with a squad of shotgun-wielding crack commandos, someone’s going to die.

Or worse, become infected.

But, these are the choices you have to make. Surely the experience of a seasoned constable is worth the risk of losing someone? The final assault will be more easily weathered with their collected mental and physical prowess. Is that enough to justify leaving a survivor behind as zombie food?

It’s entirely up to you.

If you do go ahead, you’ll need to clear at least 50% of the police station. After this point, you’re guaranteed to find a cop hiding out somewhere inside the building. It could be the very next room after the 50% mark, or it could be the last, frenzied clearing of a undead-packed gaol cell. If uncertainty makes you nervous, you can always improve your chances by splitting up and clearing rooms faster.

You know, if you think your survivors can handle a dozen zombies solo.

When the cop does show up, you’ll be glad you went to the trouble. Unlike the frightened novices you’ve collect so far, cops come equipped with a firearm, a combat perk and a unique “group” bonus. As long as other survivors stay near them, they’ll benefit from their leadership and perform better and last longer.

More details of each survivor type will be released once they’re finalised. Sufficed to say, you’re going to want a couple in your final group… unless a gory slaughter at the hands (and teeth) of a horde of hungry reanimated corpses tweaks your knobs.

~ by Logan on December 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “A cop, priest and nurse walk into a zombie apocalypse…”

  1. a……mazing………For the longest time i searched for zombie simulators on the internet. The only success were the lame *gray dot, green dot* and some never-to-be-accomplished developments. I stumbled upon this site by shear coincidence and boy am i glad. I downloaded v.1 and played til i won…quite interesting. I felt that the game start=up was unclear at best, and even after reading the tutorials random button clicking was the best way to proceed. After fully observing the effects of each, the tutorial became clear. The game started slow and boring, as the survivors and weapons rose while ammunition and health fell. After finally equalizing everything (ammo, survivors, weapon distribution, barricades) I was quickly overwhelmed. The game began a whole new era of survival simulations for me. I was enthralled by the simple yet effective majesty of the game. After completion i felt disappointed. My half hour of endless bliss had ended, and I was forced to play again. After the 3rd successful completion, i returned to the website and decided to view info of v2. The video was amazing in comparison! The colors, the sounds, the weapons….they we’re finally realistic! What really blew my mind, however, was the insane leap the barricades took. More than one location in a home, and the ability to actually shoot while the zombies attacked, sent chills up my spine! I really feel that the game will continue to impress and excite me, and I’m sure that I’ll be seeing many more updates in the future.

    True fan,
    Sparx (xzappa@gmail.com)

  2. lol, mate you having an orgasm? jk but this looks really good! keep up the good work and keep us updated.

  3. @Sparx: Dig that you loved the first game, even if it took you some time to get into it. It was coded and designed in seven days, so your comments about it being a little confusing are very valid.

    With Zafehouse 2 I wanted to expand on the concept of the original, and implement all the stuff I didn’t get a chance to. It’s also given fans the ability to influence development, and their ideas have been a great help.

    So please, keep your eyes peeled for updates!