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MassAffinity v0.2 released

Well, MassAffinity has done an extreme amount of pleasuring in the last 24 hours, which hopefully means a lot of happy Mass Effect 2 gamers.

Several requests for improvements prompted me to update the app to v0.2. Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • Allows you to use an executable name other than the default (for those who have renamed MassEffect2.exe to enable anti-aliasing);
  • Automatically detects your ME2 path via the registry;
  • Shuts down immediately if ME2 is closed before MassAffinity can apply the fix (previously it would wait ten seconds);
  • Added some graphics. Okay… one graphic;
  • Added a “Help” button.

That’s it! The functionality remains unchanged, so no need to update if it’s working peachy already. No harm though if you do download it.

Download MassAffinity v0.2

~ by Logan on February 8, 2010.

16 Responses to “MassAffinity v0.2 released”

  1. Thanks very much for this. Using an E8400 and Vista 32-bit this cut down my loading times from up to a minute to as low as a few seconds.

  2. E7500 and Win7-64 here. Went from 2 minutes to under 10 seconds. MANY thanks.

  3. […] override the AA settings for Mass Effect 2. I believe this renders the executable rename feature of MassAffinity obsolete… but not the program itself. You’ll still need it to get around the silly […]

  4. It’s can be worked for me, thx a lot

  5. Brilliant, on changing decks I used to have to watch the lift move then hang around for a min or two beofre the new deck loaded, now it does not even have time to leave the deck you are on!
    Loading times down from 1-2mins to 3-4secos. Amazing.

  6. I cant get past the loading screen at character creation..Im using a dual core processor. does this fix the freeze ?

  7. Completed the game with loooong loading times. I was hesitant of playing it again because of loading times in the Normandy.

    Thank you.

  8. Hey. My game game still dontinues to crash. Anything you can do to help?

  9. @Sam: MassAffinity can only reduce load times. It has no effect (that I know of) on crashes for freezes. Sorry!

  10. Dude, you are my fucking hero! Thank you so much for your efforts! When I learned there was a way to fix the epic load times, I was really happy. Then I found out the method involved this crazy set-affinity-to-one-CPU-and-then-reset-it-back-EVERY-TIME-YOU-START-THE-GAME nonsense! Mass Affinity is AWESOME!!!1!!!11!!!

  11. Thanks for this – you are ‘the man’.

  12. Hi… Im having problems with your app… I just downloaded this version and I extract both files in my mass effect 2 folder. Then I try to execute MassAffinity.exe but windows says it stopped working; I dont even get to see the screen to choose my game directory XD. I dunno why that happens, really weird.
    I would be grateful if you could help me out, or anybody.

  13. @Sylph: Can you tell me what operating system you’re using? Also, does the error provide you with any information at all?

    If it’s Windows XP, be sure to install the .NET 2.0 Framework: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=19

  14. windows 7 ultimate 64 bit I have .NET Framework 4…

    Is the classic error window that windows 7 throws at you, without anything specific. Heres link to a pic, so you can see the error anyway.


    Here it is what it says on the detail part of the error… I dont think is anything irrelevant, but what do I know :P

    Firma con problemas:
    Nombre del evento de problema: CLR20r3
    Firma del problema 01: massaffinity.exe
    Firma del problema 02:
    Firma del problema 03: 4b6fea05
    Firma del problema 04: MassAffinity
    Firma del problema 05:
    Firma del problema 06: 4b6fea05
    Firma del problema 07: e
    Firma del problema 08: c6
    Firma del problema 09: System.InvalidOperationException

  15. It fixes load times for me, but whenever I close the game, my PC completely locks up for 10-15 seconds. This doesn’t happen when I run the game without Mass Affinity.

  16. damnnn it! ur heaven sent genius! ur contribution to the gaming world is so great! ur name should be in the books