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4e Power Toolkit v0.2 Beta released

Just over a week since the 4e Power Toolkit was released and close to 1150 people have checked it out already! I’d hate to leave them hanging for an update.

So, I won’t.

Here are the changes you’ll find in v0.2 Beta of the Toolkit:

* Fixed bug with Power Creator that would cause the “Attack type” combo box to fill forever

* Power names may now be 36 characters, up from 30

* Hit, Miss and Effect text now correctly formats carriage returns and multiple spaces

* The Auto-detect target function now uses “creature” and “creatures” instead of “enemy” and “enemies”

* A power card template based on the power layouts in the PHB is available under “Templates\Power cards”

* HTML exported via the Class Creator will no longer add titles for levels or frequencies that have no powers

* Added “Melee or Ranged” option to attack types

* Added NYI text to power card HTML export

* Fixed a typo in the “Classes” help tab

* Added changelog to Help window

Thanks to everyone who’s provided feedback and bug reports so far, every bit of help is appreciated! I’ll look to add the Upload feature next version so everyone can start checking out the awesome classes and powers being cooked up out there!

To grab the latest version, head over to the Downloads section.

~ by Logan on February 19, 2009.

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