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Babel: Obfuscating .NET on the cheap

I’ve spent a while looking for a decent, low-cost obfuscation tool for .NET applications. It’s not that I don’t want people looking at my code; more that a few of my projects send and receive data over the Internet, and one of the easiest and secure ways to do that is with a shared key. Not so good if someone can just open your executable and find that key, no matter how hard you make.

Obfuscation isn’t the perfect solution, but it will stop the casual observer, and those determined to find it will have to spend some time figuring out. All you can hope is that the time it takes overrules the benefits.

Anyway, after trying a bunch, I found one that works flawlessly – at least for my needs. It’s called Babel, and you can grab it from Google Code.

babelobfuscator [Google Code]

~ by Logan on November 17, 2009.

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