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Oz developer news in the local media

Kotaku AU
Aussie Pirate Adventure To Walk Steam Plank

If you’re a Monkey Island fan, you might want to check out Jolly Rover. It’s a new point-and-click adventure from Aussie developer Brawsome, and it’s coming to Steam early next month.

Expected an interview from Andrew Goulding, left disappointed.

Developing for the iPhone

Demand for Australian programmers who can create applications for the iPhone is far exceeding supply, making it difficult and expensive for many companies who want to turn a great idea into a popular app.

Jason Hill continues to reinforce Screenplay’s Oz pedigree with a great interview with Conor O’Kane (formerly of Tantalus) and comments from Klicktock’s Matthew Hall. Setting the standard, and setting it high.

On the interview itself – why no questions about the iPhone 4.0 OS agreement? No good learning to use Torque or Unity for the express purpose of iPhone development if you can’t use them for… iPhone development! Worst case scenario, of course.

Brisbane Studio Behind Popular App Fruit Ninja

Since its release on April 21, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application — a game which involves slicing fruit like a ninja — has been downloaded by more than 400,000 people worldwide.

Cashing in on the iPad wave, but still good to see the local focus, especially on Fruit Ninja, which has only just started rolling its recognition snowball. Includes a couple of catchy, but info-light comments from the developer.

The Age
iPad games put Oz on the map
Video covering Firemint’s titles. Prefer my news in written form, but I’m sure this will be more digestible to the wordphobics.

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