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Zafehouse is down

Argh. Zafehouse has been out of commission for at least two weeks now, so I can’t put it down to a simple outage with my free web host. Looks like I’ll have to cough up some cash for, you know, a decent provider.

Any recommendations for Oz-based services are very welcome – particularly ones with MySQL and PHP support!

~ by Logan on November 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Zafehouse is down”

  1. I work with a guy who does web hosting and other dev stuff. http://www.seber.com.au/ , I honestly don’t know how competitive his pricing is, I’ve never personally checked, but we use his company a lot at work.

  2. Looks like you should have made sure your provider’s datacenter company had remembered to pay their zombie uprising insurance. :P

    Does it have to be Australian-based? Generally US / Canada-based web hosting is a lot cheaper. I personally have some stuff hosted with Dreamhost, who are very reasonable given the feature set. I have a vague suspicion that some people have had problems with them over the years, but I don’t think there’s many web service providers that you can’t say that about. I’m certainly pretty happy.

    How much bandwidth was it using, approx? I actually might be able to host the site for you if it wasn’t using a ton. It was just a splash page with a link to download the game and a changelog, when I last saw it?

  3. I’m not sure why I qualified it with “Australian”. I guess there’s no reason why it has to be. :)

    Bandwidth usage is light, not an issue for the most part. There’s a MySQL database for the high scores and PHP to handle the submissions from the game.

    Thanks for the hosting offer NZ, it’s very kind, but I should be right sorting something out. I might need to expand it at some point!