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Very lazy of me, I must admit.

One word: Work. Real life has kind of gobbled my time, just as I was making headway on Z2. It could be argued that I should be able to make time for the game, and that’s true, to a point. But Z2 needs large blocks of time spent on it for system implementation; chipping away at this sort of thing will only result in a “bitsy” game. It needs elegance, and that can only come from a holistic approach.

I will say that I’m seriously considering redoing combat. Again. The current system, while neat, takes away from what Zafehouse is all about. The game right now is about combat, and Zafehouse was never a combat simulator. I won’t be working on combat though once I get back to Z2. I’m keen to get the relationship systems up and running, as well as the survivor and safehouse stuff.

Combat will once again take the form of an event log, like the first game, but it will have a little more depth and interaction to it. But I want to stress that strategy and preparation are key in Zafehouse, not tactics. The current combat system does nothing to support this.

~ by Logan on November 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Updates?”

  1. You mind at least admitting you’re still alive to us?

  2. Hey bbad89,

    Yes, I’m still alive!

    I don’t have as much time to blog at the moment, but I can fire off the odd Twitter post. So be sure to follow twitter.com/Zafehouse for updates.