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Psycho Killer… the *scariest* game ever (but not for the reasons you think)

It’s the late 90s. Reeboks are all the rage, your Dad’s buying you pogs and for some reason, no one can stop dancing the Macarena. And, hiding away in the Amiga CD32‘s modest catalogue of games is Psycho Killer – an interactive FMV survival horror title. I never finished Psycho Killer on its native platform (I got perhaps half-way through), but I felt compelled recently to give it another crack, arse-painted graphics be damned.

So, Rob and I went a little video crazy over at Up Up Down Down, our alternative gaming blog, and recorded the entire, hilarious, experience. Somehow, we make Morgan Freeman creepy, bring back the Reebok, and learn just how deadly a blunt machete can be.

Survival Horror 101: Psycho Killer Amiga CD32 [Uudders]

~ by Logan on November 11, 2009.

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