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Laugh at my gaming skillz at Up Up Down Down

Myself, and fellow designer Rob MacBride, are working together on a small project (well, blog) called Up Up Down Down – or Uudders.

No, no cows are involved… not yet, anyway, but humorous videos of us playing games and generally shit-talking are. It might tickle your fancy, it might not, but I urge you to take a peek. Rob recently posted our latest work, a clip of us playing the finalists of the last Independent Games Festival. There’s intelligent conversation mixed with me spouting slanderous comments about everyone’s relatives, including my own and overall, it has the laughs.

So check it out, sign up to the feed if you like what you see, continue to partake in our digital gaming delights.

Up Up Down Down [Official site]

~ by Logan on October 13, 2009.

One Response to “Laugh at my gaming skillz at Up Up Down Down”

  1. You can configure cortex command controls in options. …use common sense! ;-)