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ASCII Portal: What Rogue might have looked like if Glenn Wichman and Michael Toy had been insane

Here’s a ten-minute clip of Joe Larson’s text-based ASCII Portal – a “demake” of Valve’s dimension-sodomising FPS. I’m a sucker for ASCII games, as my previous exploits will reveal. So you can understand that parts of me oscillated at extreme speeds when I copped an eyeful of this video. It’s the good kind of eyeful though, not the sort you see staring into the fetid void that is your laundry basket, or watching an episode of Dollhouse.

A fantastic feat to be sure (especially the ASCII rotation… that just blows my mind), and one I’ll check out properly at my earliest convenience.

Video: ten more minutes of Joe Larson’s ASCII pOrtal [Offworld]

~ by Logan on July 22, 2009.

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