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Why the 4e Class Creator will rule

Update: The 4e Power Toolkit is now available! Grab it from here.

Super-sized image of the above can be found here.

Okay, so I don’t know if it will actually rock, but going by the warm sensation I get in my tummy when I code it, I feel comfortable enough to associate it with the word “tubular”.

The 4e Class Creator is the successor to the 4e Power Creator. The latter was coded in a single night, and I’ve made a few tweaks, bug fixes and upgrades since then.

After releasing it into the wild, quite a few requests came in for new features, keywords and the like, but the hacked-together nature of the app left little room for easy improvement. So, the 4e Class Creator was birthed bourne born conjured.

It’s about as modular as I can make it. A HTML template contains tags that each module can read and replace with the whatever information is required. Adding something new to the program is as simple as creating a new module, adding tags to the HTML, and outputting the form data.

There’s built-in support for custom accessories, weapons, damage and power types, as well as power sources, so there’s no need for a recompile if your campaign has a Doctor class that uses Forceps or something equally as creepy.

I’d like to have it out by the end of January. February at the latest. But we’ll see how things pan out.

~ by Logan on January 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Why the 4e Class Creator will rule”

  1. Looks nice. Can’t wait to put it to the test!

  2. do want

  3. Will this generate paragon paths as well as full 30-level classes? I’m trying to piece together a 4e update of the “Heir of Siberys” prestige class from the Eberron setting (running a 4e Eberron game soon) and would LOVE to have a tool that would give me a hand with that!

  4. The first release won’t support Paragon paths, but it is something I want to add. It will support up to 30 levels of powers however.

    On the bright side, I’m only a week or two away from releasing the first beta. It has about 90% of the functionality of the final build, so you will have a chance to play around with it and suggest new features.

  5. Fantastic. I’m very much looking forward to trying it!

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  7. This is amazing! I’m using it now. I cna’t wait for PDF export support :) Please keep up the good work!