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Trackwork the initiative tracker, now 4e compatible

After a simple tool to track initiative, health and defenses during combat in 3.5e or 4e? Then Trackwork is an app you should take a look at.

Version 0.4 wasn’t very 4e-friendly, so I’ve made some updates to the code and v0.5 is very happy to accept all your 4th Edition needs. The interface had to be reworked to accommodate fortitude, reflex and willpower.

If you have Vista, you’re all set. Everyone else, be sure to grab the .NET Framework 2.0 if you don’t have it.

Trackwork is nifty, but the 4e Power Creator, 4e Class Creator and CrawlNotes are as nifty, if not niftier. Hey – niftier is a word!

Update #1: Uploaded a minor revision to allow HP, AC, Fort, Ref and Will to accept up to 9999 as a value (thanks Granger44).

Update #2: v0.5b is up. You can now import a fight. This lets you save your heroes in one file and the encounter in another, and then mix them together when the combat starts.

Download Trackwork v0.5b

~ by Logan on January 12, 2009.

18 Responses to “Trackwork the initiative tracker, now 4e compatible”

  1. Looks like hit points are currently capped at 100. When I try to enter 222, it gets changed to 100.

  2. You’re quite right. I’ve upload a revision at the same location without the limitation. It’s gone from init, reflex, fortitude, AC and willpower defenses too.

    Thanks for picking that up!

  3. Hey cool new logo.

  4. hey – great app!

    one question – its not clear to me how to save pc’s so that i can import my party when creating a new encounter and not have to reenter everything. is this feature hiding somewhere or still in progress?


  5. Hey David,

    There’s no feature to save parties per se, but there’s nothing stopping you from entering in just the players and saving the fight as a template.

  6. This program is nice but it’d be really nice if it allowed you to import multiple .twf files, so that you could have the PC party in one and the encounters in another.

  7. That’s a great suggestion, and one that’s not hard to implement. Look out for an update later today.

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  9. really like trackwork. my math skills are terrible. i would love to see a function that allowed a user to specify the amount to increase or decrease health.

  10. Bugs:
    In all the app, the random value is between 1 and 19 (randomize init and checks).

    -Insert a default value for the defenses (10)
    -Possibility to export a combatant into PCG format
    -Place the current hp value when setting health and initiative
    -Modify health with a + or – value
    -Add an effect column (temp hp, status)

    Beside that, the tracker is really practical! :) Good job!

  11. I’ll be honest, TrackWork is not the highest priority as far as my apps go. Don’t be put off – if I get a moment I’ll take a look at it.

    Considering most of the changes you mention aren’t radical, I think I can squeeze them in soon. However:
    1) I don’t think PCGen supports 4e right now, so I’m reluctant to put any work into such a feature. The format is also a little clunky, and just *reading* information from a PCG file is no small task. :P
    2) For now, adding an event at the same initiative as the character it effects can be used to track temp HP and status changes (just set the duration to something like 100). A proper column though is a good idea and I think I might have played with the concept at some stage. Stay tuned!

  12. I must say I didn’t really check the other tools (since I was mainly interested with initiative, combat monitors and the like…and was about to program one myself ;D). I’ll check out the CrawlNotes when I’ll be done with my labyrinth (semi random encounters, so I don’t need many many notes)… Then I’ll file my bugs and suggestions ;)

    Good job on the whole! Keep up the good work!

  13. Logan, thanks for the “Great” tools! I especially like trackwork and could possibly be interested in helping out on the project could you please email me when you get a chance. -phil

  14. Great Job!
    My choice of init tracker so far! Simple yet really helpful.

    I’ve read the comments, but i’d like to emphasize one suggestion, that is

    *Modify health on a differential basis.

    That was, by far, where I spent most of my brain oil during fights. It is probably a minor change, but will greatly improve the tracker’s usability (and proportionally reduce my pre-frontal cortex usage!)

    Another minor suggestion is to add variable random initiative range. A creature with +10 init should have his initiative within [11,31], not [1,20]. This also appears to be a minor change, but would require the creation of an initiative modifier field.
    (Possible solution(?): Add the already implemented random [1-20] initiative to the initiative value from the input field instead of replacing it.)

    Thank you for this great tool! It’s already invaluable!

  15. Did you guys try DMEH? Combat tracking extravaganza – http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/252611-dm-encounter-helper-updated-v0-6-a.html

  16. Id really like to see

    Touch AC
    Flat footed AC

    Movement Speed

    and if not too specific, CMD value for pathfinder games

    and Stealth skill check :)


  17. Also it seems this does not work with negative values

  18. Any chance of you coming out with an android version? Or a mac version?