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Trackwork, an initiative tracker for Dungeons & Dragons

Been in a bit of a tool-posting mood these past few weeks. This one’s back from my days editing Kotaku Australia, but I thought I should mirror it on my personal site.

Trackwork is an initiative tracker for D&D. It’s built with 3.5e in mind, but it can manage 4e, if you don’t mind that it only tracks AC defense. Here’s a list of specific features, taken from the original Kotaku AU post:

  • Tracks health, armour and initiative of multiple opponents
  • Automated initiative step-through
  • Can import data from PCGen PCG files
  • Save fights in progress and restore them later
  • Mass-add combatants
  • Mass-roll Listen and Spot checks, including skill and stat bonuses

I also just found a nasty bug: Trackwork autosaves fights to “c:\fight.twf”. If you don’t have permission to write to the root of C:\, it’ll throw an error (that can be bypassed without crashing the program). I’ll see if I can fix it, and update the program for 4e soon.

Download Trackwork 0.4

~ by Logan on January 8, 2009.

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  2. Трогательно)

  3. This is groovy. Thanks!

  4. Nice tool, just what I was looking for