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Introducing the 4e Power Toolkit: Create your own classes, races, powers and power cards

Forget Word. Forget Excel. Forget the mash of programs you’ve been using to roll your own powers and classes. Now you have a tool that does it all.

First, there’s the Power Creator. This lets you make powers just like the 4e Power Creator before it. Except this has support for Secondary and Tertiary attacks as well as Sustain and more. You can even add your own power sources and keywords using text files.

With a few powers created, you can load them into the Class Creator. Play around with primary stats, proficiencies and other details, and then export it all as a pretty document, presented much like the PHB. HTML is the only option right now, but PDF and text formats are not far away.

Finally, there’s the Power Card Creator. Export your powers as power cards using the template you want. Templates are made in HTML, so they can include images, CSS… whatever you want. There are two included with the program – one optimised for HTML and the other PDF. And yes, you can export the cards to PDF and it’ll format them all nice-like.

So, where can you find these awesome tools? Why, they’re all included in the one program – the 4e Power Toolkit!

It’s beta, so if it crashes or something doesn’t work, don’t get angry. Actually, if the program does chuck a hissy fit, please post about it on the 4e Power Toolkit forum so I can fix it.

The program features an auto-update function, so you’ll always know when a new version is available. For now, get the latest build from the link below. You’ll need Windows XP or Vista and the .NET 2.0 Framework. I apologise for not having a Linux or Mac version – it’s beyond my abilities to even entertain the idea of supporting other platforms.

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Download the 4e Power Toolkit

~ by Logan on February 11, 2009.

57 Responses to “Introducing the 4e Power Toolkit: Create your own classes, races, powers and power cards”

  1. Y is the race creator unselectable. This is an amazinbg tool but I would love to implement all manner of homebrew races for one of y offworld campaigns.

  2. Are we going to be seeing an update to this any time soon. 4e has come a long way since it’s creation and this is a fantastic tool. We all know your work on zafehouse has come a long way, perhaps you could find it in your heart to finish this product as well. I know Im praying for it!

  3. I LOVE THIS TOOL !!!!!! I cant wait for the race creator is finished. This makes skill cards efficiently, easy and worth the effort. So much better then using flash cards o.O. Good job for creating this tool and keep up the good work.

  4. ok i’m a homebrew FREAK and i this tool is great but, i was still wondering if the race creator was ever going to be finished. or does anyone know of another race creator tool?

  5. Just stumbled across this tool once again, seems it has been awhile since anything has been said. I hope this labor of love hasn’t got shelved as it is simply beautiful, if I was any good at coding I would offer to help but the best I can say is keep up the great work if you are!

  6. I can’t use the race tab. what do I do?

  7. Is there any chance of this being released for Mac OS? I tried Wine and it didn’t work, so I’m wondering if there’s any chance of me being able to use this app in the future. It looks great and i’d like access :)