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Build and plan your dungeons with CrawlNotes

Update: A completely revamped version of CrawlNotes with many more features is available.

Just a tool I whipped up today to help me plan out dungeons for my 4e campaign. It’s designed to be used as your players progress through – you click on a room when they enter it and a description, list of items and list of monsters will appear at the bottom.

Adding new rooms is accomplished by clicking the “Room” button in the top-left of the window. The “Save” and “Load” buttons should be self-explanatory.

You can position and resize rooms, and there’s snap-to-grid functionality so it all looks neat.

The files are stored in human-readable XML, so you can tinker with them externally if you have to.

I’m sure it has a few quirks… I spent about half and hour debugging, but it feels robust enough.

Update #1: I’ve uploaded a new version which fixes a bug with the load code, adds a “New” button, autosave functionality, a bigger grid, size info (in feet and squares) and a few other tweaks.

Update #2: New version, 1.2. Fixed a bug with the autosave code and made a few miscellaneous tweaks. Also has a fancy icon.

Update #3: Version 1.3. No massive changes, just optimised the grid code, added a warning about the autosave and made the app icon prettier on non-black backgrounds.

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~ by Logan on December 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Build and plan your dungeons with CrawlNotes”

  1. If Wizards didn’t suck so much at online initiatives, they could release a tool like this so that you could actually download other people’s dungeons and play them! Like DOOM levels, there would be thousands of awesome ones to try.

  2. And a boatload of less than awesome ones.

    Let’s face it, one downside with created content is that the majority of it sucks. (Hey I have NWN modules I’d be embarassed to tell the contents of, much less put on the net.)