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4e Power Toolkit v0.4.1 Beta released

Don’t be put off by the point-one – there’s a couple of nice features in this incremental update of the 4e Power Toolkit:

* Added Expand/Hide, Edit, Delete and Save options to powers in the Class Creator
– You can now edit powers directly in the Class Creator, and save powers from a class to a separate file

* Version check module will now timeout, which should speed up program loading when the download server cannot be contacted

* Improved attack range and type options, now includes spirit. Note that selecting ‘None’ for attack range on certain powers will default to ‘1’

* Powers can now have names up to 128 characters long, and the power HTML template will correctly display names of this length

* Added effect keywords from Player’s Handbook 2

Of course, v0.4.1 is available from apps page.

Right now I’m working on improving the resolution of the power card PDF output. Unfortunately, it looks like that while this can be achieved, you won’t be able to use custom templates for it – unless someone knows of a good and free HTML-to-PDF library (iTextSharp doesn’t cut it). Custom templates for power card HTML output won’t be affected.

If you’re willing to install PDFCreator, you can always just print the HTML output to PDF!

~ by Logan on June 22, 2009.

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