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4e Power Toolkit: Four flavoursome updates

If you’re not a regular user of the 4e Power Toolkit, you might be unaware that there’s been four – yes, four – updates to the app since v0.5. I like to address minor bugs and even small features that can be implemented quickly, hence the rapid pace of releases.

Here’s a complete list of changes.

=v0.5.4 beta=
* The “Racial” option in the power type dropdown of the Power Creator now displays the correct output
* Default filenames will now be stripped of HTML tags

=v0.5.3 beta=
* At-Will, Encounter and Daily powers at levels 2, 6, 10, 16 and 22 are now grouped together as Utility powers when exported as HTML in the Class Creator
* The Power Creator will no longer obscure controls when resized
* Powers can once again have ranges without attack subtypes
* Added Beast as an attack subtype
* Racial powers now read as “Racial Power” instead of just “Racial”
* Added No Action as an action type

=v0.5.2 beta=
* Added Daggers, Tomes and Totems to possible implements
* Fixed a crash with PDF exporting

=v0.5.1 beta=
* Changed the width of powers to 3.25in (~298px) to match the size of the PHB format
* Class Creator export dialog now provides a default filename

Not groundbreaking stuff, but there might be a change or two in there that prompts you to take another look at the Toolkit.

~ by Logan on August 13, 2009.

One Response to “4e Power Toolkit: Four flavoursome updates”

  1. how do i add a custom attack subtype to this becaus i have a custom class that uses a melee 1 horizontal 3 attack but when i try adding it to the core i add them but replaces one of the subtypes that was already in there