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4e Custom Classes: The Umbramancer

The 4e Custom Classes website is host to another interesting user-designed creation – the Umbramancer. While it’s influenced heavily by the Warlock, with a little Assassin flavour, author Maeglin has made it his own. He describes the shadowy death-dealer thusly:

Shadows and darkness – both are your tools, the incantations you have learned grant you all the powers of the Umbral Realm, all shadows are at your beck and call. Through years of study the realm of the dark has opened your eyes to the eternal bleak eternities and the reflection of all. Each time you cast a spell, you know that shadows are encouraging your words and that they wish to do your will. Your soul is forever held by the Arch Shades, whether the good or the malign.

And here’s an example of one of the powers:

Shade Dance
Umbramancer Utility 2
The clearing is suddenly filled with an amazing array of danacing shadows.
Daily * Shadow, Conjuration, Zone
Minor Action                 Area burst 2 within 10 squares
Target: Each Creature in the Zone,
Effect: You create and area of shadow performing an intricate dance. As a minor action you can move the shadows 5 squares. Any creature entering into the air gains concealment from all other creatures witin the area. Any creature outside the area cannot see any creature within the area. The area lasts until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Minor: The area persists.

You can check out the class in full here, or, if you’d like to make your own 4e classes and powers, download the 4e Power Toolkit.

~ by Logan on January 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “4e Custom Classes: The Umbramancer”

  1. what a terrible class…it’s so poorly thrown together…
    -For a striker, it deals some incredibly pathetic damage. No striker worth their salt is going to play this.
    -Powers are all kinds of messed up. You have magic spells that…deal weapon damage?? wtf. Not only that, but some of the spells target AC, yet their implement attacks. Also, what’s with the incredibly few Int vs whatever powers when the vast majority of them are Charisma? Just keep it all charisma.

    The features are weak as hell and you have no real damage mechanic like Sneak Attack or Warlock’s Curse. It’s not even properly baked into the powers. Just kinda threw them a bunch of dice for powers that have weak effects.

    Overall: This feels like an incredibly poor and incredibly rushed class that I won’t touch with a 30 foot pole. The good thing you did though was naming the powers pretty well.

  2. There is another vast majority of problems with this “class” though they should be blatantly obvious as it would take quite some time for me to point them all out.

  3. Haha, wow, I guess Crimson didn’t take the Forums Tact feat :P

  4. I apologize for the harshness, but really this class makes me drop to my knees and go, “WHHYYYYYYY?!” There’s so much stuff that can be fixed and improved upon UNLESS I am viewing an old file that wasn’t remodeled.

    If anything, I’m actually creating a shadow class of my own (ironically it’s the same name as this one, cept it’s called Shadowmancer)

    I can’t seem to upload it on your site either. Unsure as to why o.O

    I retrained Forums Tact for the Big Jerk feat :P

  5. Okay, after fiddling around with it, I was able to upload it onto your site, though I can’t delete it

    Now I’m the stupid one ; ^ ;

    I need to take it down somehow so I can actually finish it. Only wanted to see if I can even get it on there.

  6. @CrimsonAssassin: I’ve taken the class down. Just submit the new one when you’re ready. :)

  7. Thanks! I plan to be bustin’ my butt over it for quite sometime after putting it off for so long. Quitting WoW has increased my productivity, lol!

  8. oh, quick question. Have you thought about making a Paragon Path/Epic Destiny creator???