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Deadshed no longer Zafehouse 2, Zafehouse 2 is Zafehouse 2

What you should take away from the confusing title is that Deadshed has changed, so much so it doesn’t resemble Zafehouse at all. It’s a real-time tactical game rather than a simulator, and a lot of the survival horror feel has been stripped away to accommodate the design. It still has zombies, yes, but you won’t be scavenging for supplies or mowing down hordes of undead. Possibly, people who enjoyed Zafehouse won’t warm to Deadshed as much.

But I’m hoping they will.

Still, I’ve decided there’s enough reason to tentatively begin design work on Zafehouse 2, so Deadshed can be all it can be. It’s likely I’ve spent more time talking about Deadshed than coding it, but I think the Zafehouse connection has been a mental roadblock until now.

I want to finish up on the 4e Class Creator – now called the 4e Power Toolkit because of all the functionality it provides – but after that I’ll move 95% onto Deadshed and 5% onto Zafehouse 2.

If you have suggestions for either title, visit the forums and post about it. About 80% of the changes made to Zafehouse after v1.5 have been player-motivated, so there’s a good chance your ideas will be heard and even incorporated.

~ by Logan on January 29, 2009.

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