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Dead Island Helper: Automatically improve performance and apply tweaks without having to edit files

NEW! I’ve released an updated version of DIH for Dead Island: Riptide. You can read about (and download) it from here: http://www.theplaywrite.com/tools-and-utilities/tweak-visual-settings-controls-and-performance-with-dead-island-riptide-helper/

UPDATE #15 22/09/2011: v1.94 beta, out now for the brave! I finally managed to track down the crash problem that was causing issues for so many people.

This update also fixes a crucial bug with the save game backup feature – it is strongly recommended you update to v1.94 beta if you use this feature and please, DO NOT use any of the save backups you’ve created with versions of the tool before 1.94 beta because they won’t work!

  • Fixed a critical bug with the save game and backup feature. This now also backs up the “remotecache.vdf” file, which contains important size and timestamp data.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Dead Island Helper to crash on non-Administrator accounts and accounts without application compatibility enabled.

UPDATE #14 22/09/2011: v1.93 beta is available for download. Hopefully people will have less (or no) issues with this version. Changelist below:

  • Added extensive error handling – hopefully we’ll get more constructive information when something goes wrong.
  • Added “Create diagnostic file”. This option will produce a simple text file on your desktop that contains some useful debug information. I can use this info to help troubleshoot problems, so please use it when you contact me!
  • Added “Launch via Steam” checkbox, under “Play Dead Island”. When this checkbox is set, Dead Island Helper will launch the game using the Stream protocol (steam://) when you click “Play Dead Island”. Movies will still be enabled (unless you disable them with “-nologos” in the launch properties). Use this option if things don’t work quite right when running the game directly via “Play Dead Island”.
  • Added “Clear all settings” option. This will clear the settings folder, game directory and all non-tweak related settings from Dead Island Helper’s memory and restart the program. This will give you a clean slate to work from when using new versions.
  • Dead Island Helper will automatically exit on startup unless it detects the correct settings folder, or you’re able to manually select the correct settings folder.
  • Dead Island Helper will no longer demand administrative privileges when it runs. However, you may need to use “Run as Administrator” if some features do not work.

UPDATE #13 19/09/2011: v1.91 beta has just been uploaded. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added a save game and profile backup and restore. Once activated, you can press F5 in-game to create a backup of your save game and profile (up to a maximum of 10, at which point, the Helper will replace the oldest backup with a new one). Important: This is not a quick-save! It only backs up what the game has saved, in case it becomes corrupted.
  • Added black screen fixes – one changes the “Monitor” value in Video.scr, while the other disables Desktop Composition while Dead Island is running. These aren’t guaranteed to fix every black screen issue under the sun, but it should help with those caused from having more than one monitor.
  • Slight bug fix for the vertical synchronization tweak. Shouldn’t have cased problems for a majority of cases.

UPDATE #12 18/09/2011: Released v1.9 as a beta! It contains some experimental features that have been tested as much as possible on a single machine. However, to make sure it’s as good as possible, I’ve released it as a beta. Changelist follows:

  • Removed the process priority enforcement from v1.8.
  • Reverted to the old keyboard hook-based micro-stutter fix as it is more reliable. The way it works has been tweaked so it should consume less CPU cycles (not that it was ever processor-intensive).
  • Settings restore points: It is now possible to set restore points for your settings. This feature will take a snapshots of your “Documents\DeadIsland\out” folder, compress them as a ZIP file, and store them in “Documents\DeadIsland\Restore Points”. Note that snapshots must be taken / restored manually. The snapshot feature at this stage does not save “Disable event logging” or “Enable micro-stutter fix”
  • Added “Fix auto-equip delay” tweak.
  • Added “Rebind hardcoded instances of the Use key” tweak. If you’re using “F” for something other than “Use”, this is the tweak for you. Limited to alphanumeric keys for now.

UPDATE #11 17/09/2011: Changes in v1.81:

  • Replaced the keyboard hook-based micro-stutter fix with a FilterKeys one. Should fix any issues people have been having with weird sound or framerate issues when this tweak is active.
  • Updated the disable bloom, weapon refraction and dust tweaks to use the files in Data02.pak. This should hopefully fix the issues people have been having where effects seem to disappear while these tweaks are active
  • The auto-update feature can now be disabled
  • Laid some groundwork for an in-game save feature. Should be in for v1.9
  • Added a periodic check for the Dead Island process that will set the process priority to “Normal” if it ever drops to “Below Normal” or “Low”

Because of the updated code for the bloom, weapon refraction and dust tweaks, you will need to reapply them using the tool.

UPDATE #10 15/09/2011: Changes in v1.8:

  • Split up the categories a bit more. FOV and motion blur moved to “Camera Tweaks”
  • “Disable in-game audio” removed. I had so many reports of it not working, and I can’t provide support for it, so it’s gone
  • Added an option to force the max refresh rate. Settings for 59Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz are available
  • Auto checks for updates. The tool now checks to see if a new version is available and, if so, lets you know. That’s the call it’s doing to the internet. It does it once on start-up. I’ll add an option to disable the check in the next version

I added the head bob tweak, but it didn’t seem to do anything for me, so I’ve disabled it for now.

I should note I’m no longer providing support for people who can’t get the tweaks working because the configuration folder is “apparently” wrong. It seems to be an issue only with less-than-wholesome versions of the game, and being a developer myself, I have no interest in supporting that behaviour.

UPDATE #9 14/09/2011: Minor bug fix release, v1.7a. It addressed a crash on program start-up. This would happen if the Dead Island registry settings could not be found.

UPDATE #8 14/09/2011: New version, we’re up to v1.7 now. No new tweaks, but some significant structural changes and a few bug fixes.

  • Smart tweak detection: Dead Island Helper now reads edited files for changes and intelligently sets the enabled / disabled state of each tweak. Now you can see exactly what tweaks you’ve set – even ones you didn’t activate with Dead Island Helper!
  • Alternate configuration folder option replaced with custom folder selection. Users can now hunt down the exact directory configuration settings are stored. Don’t worry, it still tries to autodetect them if it can
  • Autodetection of the game’s main directory via the registry
  • Fixed a bug that would require the user to constantly re-enable the micro-stutter tweak in order for it to work
  • Added a “Start with Windows” option
  • Added a “Play Dead Island without intro movies” option. Start the game directly from the Helper! This option will also set Dead Island’s CPU priority to “Normal”
  • Dead Island Helper now starts on the lowest possible CPU priority setting to minimize any interference with the game while it’s running

UPDATE #7 13/09/2011: Version 1.6 is now available! I’ve made quite a few changes under the hood to make the program more powerful and user-friendly. Here’s a changelist for the curious:

  • Tweaks have been split up and categorised. The result is a cleaner interface and an easier time finding the tweaks you want
  • Alternate settings folder support. You can now switch between My Documents and your game folder, if you’re finding that the tweaks aren’t working
  • Added the following tweaks: Disable event logging, Disable in-game voice and Enable simple shadows
  • Small reminder when Video.scr is read-only or writeable and the ability to easily switch between these settings
  • The program should now prompt the user for administrative privileges
  • Renamed the keystroke repetition feature to make its usefulness more obvious
  • Corrected a typo with the field of view settings
  • Added a Close menu option along with Exit program
  • Various checks and balances for missing files and directories
  • Added a passive check for the micro-stutter fix so it only limits keyboard repetition while Dead Island is running.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak in the file extraction rountine

UPDATE #6 12/09/2011:It seems some people are having trouble getting the tweaks to work. I’ll be investigating the issue the moment I have the opportunity. FYI, I can’t, and won’t, be troubleshooting issues with pirated or cracked versions of the game.

If tweaks don’t seem to be applying, you may need to run the program with administrator privileges. To do this, please see the following guide: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/11841-run-administrator.html.

UPDATE #5 11/09/2011: Okay, last update for today, I promise. Changelist follows:

  • The tweaks menu no longer closes automatically when you check/uncheck an option
  • Shadow maps: You can now set the shadow map resolution to 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096
  • Field of view: Expanded selection of values ranging from 62.5 (default) to 90 degrees
  • Added an option to enable overcast weather
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the program to crash when selecting non-option menu items

UPDATE #4 11/09/2011: The fun never stops. Version 1.4 is available now, and allows you to change the weather to overcast. You can now also reselect your Dead Island folder, if you somehow managed to choose the wrong one initially.

UPDATE #3 11/09/2011: Yet another update! We’re now at version 1.3. Here are the changes:

  • Added an option to enable vertical syncronization
  • Added an option to disable dust
  • Added an option to disable the desaturation effect
  • Disabling bloom and weapon refraction now affects front30.ppfx and indoor30.ppfx

Thanks to the hard work of the folks over on the Dead Island Steam forum for isolating the files and locations for these changes.

UPDATE #2 11/09/2011: I’ve uploaded a new version, which removes the routine that detects if Dead Island is running in the foreground. So the program is no different to something like X-Mouse (actually, it’s even less intrusive than X-Mouse). I’ve done this to minimise any chance of this resulting in a VAC ban.

UPDATE 11/09/2011: People have been asking a few questions about the tool, here’s what I can say.

Will it get you VAC banned? It’s highly unlikely. The tool doesn’t modify any of the game files directly, which is what VAC looks for. It simply extracts the required files from the game’s data packs, puts them in the Dead Island folder in “My Documents” and makes the necessary alterations.

Now, the game does install a keyboard hook and does run a routine to detect if Dead Island is running in the foreground. If it does detect DI, it prevents multiple keystrokes from being processed, otherwise, it lets them through. It doesn’t send keystrokes, inject code or do anything else bot-like, so I’d be very surprised if it resulted in a VAC ban.

Does the helper need to be running while I’m playing? Only if you use the “Prevent keystroke repetition” option, as it installs the keyboard hook. All the other options, like overriding the field of view, disabling motion blur, etc., work without the helper running once they’ve been set.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

UPDATE 10/9/2011: I’ve uploaded a new version, 1.1, which allows you to also disable bloom and weapon refraction.

So, Dead Island.

It’s 6:30AM in the morning here and I have yet to sleep, so I’m going to make this quick and bed-shaped. Spent the last couple of hours putting together a little helper app for the game to address some of the problems people have been complaining about.

Here’s what it can do:

  • Remove stuttering / jerkiness caused by repeated keystrokes… without using Filter Keys
  • Fixes sluggish mouse in menus
  • Disable / enable SSAO shader for increased performance on some configurations (NVIDIA only)
  • Disable / enable motion blur, as some people just don’t like it
  • NEW in v1.1: Disable / enable bloom and weapon refraction

Depending on how popular this tool proves to be, I might add in more stuff like removing bloom and weapon refraction. For now, it addresses the bigger issues. Well, the ones that bothered me.

Grab it below, and extract it wherever you like. Run it, and then right-click the little green tree that appears in the notification area (near the time and date). To enable the advanced options, the Helper needs access to the data packages to extract and alter the required config files.

Don’t worry, if you’ve already extracted some and made your own tweaks, the app is smart enough to just edit those, rather than overwrite them. It can also undo any changes it makes, so you’ve got nothing to lose, other than your sanity from not trying it.

Requires the .NET 2.0 Framework, which anyone running Windows XP SP3 and above should have.

Download the Dead Island Helper:

Simply extract it anywhere convenient (it doesn’t have to be your Dead Island folder), and run the program.

~ by Logan on September 9, 2011.

300 Responses to “Dead Island Helper: Automatically improve performance and apply tweaks without having to edit files”

  1. Thanks, this helped out a lot with running the game on my laptop.

  2. Wow! This really is a great tool! Makes the game ALOT for fluid. Please keep updating it! I’ll tell everybody I know to use it. :-D

  3. Sorry to ask, but does the helper have to be running when I play, or is it just for setting the options?

  4. Ppl (and me) are asking; is this helper VAC safe? Don’t want to be banned.

  5. Hi, how can I change the selected directory if I mistakenly chose the wrong one?

  6. Was skeptical of this. But turned out to be great.

  7. […] Fixes: Dead Island Helper v1.1, the easy way: -Disable Blur, Bloom, vanderen van FOV, … download Manueel: Voor elke manuele actie dien je de betreffende mappen aan te maken in /documents/dead […]

  8. I love you so much. I messed up trying to do this on my own. I cannot express my gratitude in words, sir. You are a noble and a scholar.

  9. @Sinclaire: The latest version now lets you reselect your game folder. :)

  10. This does not work on mine. I select the Dead Island folder in program files, select the tweaks, open up Dead island and nothing changed. Then I look at my documents and see a ”DeadIsland” folder, with a folder called ‘out’ in it. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

  11. Will it add a function to be able to move Dead Islands window around while on Windowed mode? I can’t play because of that…

  12. @Dan: Hmm, I’m not sure that’s something that can be fixed through file tweaking. But I’ll see what I can dig up.

    @T: Can you look inside the “My Documents\Dead Island\out” folder and tell me if you can see a folder called “Data”? If you can, tell me what folders are inside the “Data” folder. I want to see if the files are being extracted correctly.

  13. @Logan: Inside the Data folder, there are three other folders, Postprocess, Scripts and Skills. I assume I have to move these to where they are supposed to go in the actual Dead Island program files folder?

  14. @T: Nope, they’re exactly where they should be. Files in the “out” folder override those in the game files.

    Are there any files inside these folders? If there are, can you tell me a tweak you’ve enabled via the program, so we can check if it’s being set properly in the file?

  15. @Logan: I have Disabled Bloom, Disable motion blur, Disable dust effects, Enable vertical synchronisation and Enable overcast weather turned on. Inside Postprocess, I find front30.ppfx, indoor30.ppfx and scene30.ppfx. inside Scripts, varlist_blur_camera_motion _desaturate, _ssao and weather_none. Inside skills, default_levels.

  16. @T: Thanks. Okay, can you open up the “weather_none” file and copy and paste the contents in a comment? To open the file, just run Notepad and drag and drop the file into it.

  17. @Logan: import “weathers.scr”

    sub main()
    use Rainy( f_value = 0.0, s_name = “Start” );
    use Rainy( f_value = 1.0, s_name = “End” );

  18. Only one issue , the vertical sync acts erratically sometimes its only 60fps other times its all over the place 150+, i have no idea why its doing this.

  19. @T: Alright, that means the program is correctly setting the tweaks, so I think the problem is that the game isn’t loading the files.

    Let’s make sure they’re indeed in the right place. In your “My Documents\DeadIsland\out” folder, is there a folder called “Settings”? If not, is there a file called “FirstRun”?

    If that folder and file are there, then that’s where Dead Island is saving its own files, and I can’t explain why the tweaks aren’t working. If they’re not there, then it means Dead Island is looking elsewhere for the settings. If that’s the case, you’ll need to check the “My Documents” folder of every user on the machine, until you locate another “DeadIsland\out” folder. If you do, let me know.

  20. @Billy: Not sure myself! All the app does is set vsync to on in the configuration file, so it’s probably to do with the game. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do.

    I have read that changing “MaxRefresh(60)” to “MaxRefresh(59)” in “My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Settings\Video.scr” might help.

  21. where the hell is the file download?

  22. @bob: At the bottom of the post, where it says “Download Dead Island Helper V1.4″.

    If you’re still having trouble, here’s the direct link: http://downloads.zafehouse.com/deadislandhelper/dih_latest.zip

  23. Ok thnx i seem to have got it to work, fps is holding at 60. The issue appeared after i had set my shadow maps size from 1024 to 2048, putting that back to 1024 seems to have fixed it. Not really sure if this is what caused it or not but ill roll with it.

  24. There seems to be no DeadIsland folder anywhere, not even in the other users in My Documents.

  25. Do these fixes work in multiplayer with VAC on?

  26. Fabrok seems to be working on manual mods similar to your, more efficient, mod. I noticed he had a few ideas not included in your mod (longer button how for auto equip on pickup for example). Perhaps a combined effort or at least a merging with shared credits is in order?
    Anyway, your effort is commendable and I am looking forward to trying DIH when I get home from this god forsaken train ride. 30 minute delay and still we have to wait for passing trains? Are you kidding me? But I digress. Enjoy your evening.
    Love, from Sweden.

  27. Forgot to post a link to Fabrok’s work: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=24977786&postcount=268
    God damn trains.

  28. where is the link to download it?

  29. any chance you could add an option to disable depth of field for ranged weapons?

  30. I use the helper but none of the things I set actually change ingame. I’ve got the STEAM version of the game and putting edited files in the DeadIsland folder in my documents does nothing either.

    Anything that I try to change or remove just seems to be overwritten both through the program or through manually editing the my documents files. Any idea guys?

  31. thanks for this, so much! i would love it if you made it so i can change my resolution aswell. as i am unable to change it from all the things suggested on the forums

  32. Hi, nice software but it don’t works(bloom and blur still in the game) on cracked version.

  33. Is this VAC safe?

  34. By chance is a fix for the auto mic ever going to see light? or at least an option to mute it. Would love to see that.

  35. Which folder does it have to be set to? I’ve got it set to the folder named Dead Island, and it’s not working. Does it have to be set to the out folder?

  36. @Soot: I do link to that thread in this post. His work has definitely been of great help, and I’m definitely not trying to take credit away from the work of everyone on the Steam forums. I just wanted to make applying/removing as painless as possible.

    To everyone who’s having problems getting tweaks to work, please try running the app in Administrator mode and reapplying all the tweaks. The “Dead Island Helper.exe” file can be placed anywhere, it doesn’t need to be in the game folder (though that’s a convenient location). The folder you need to select is the game folder itself, usually located in “Steam\steamapps\common\Dead Island\” – basically wherever the DeadIslandGame.exe file is located.

    The Helper app creates all the files and directories it needs – you don’t need to move or copy anything. If the tweaks aren’t working, it’s probably because you’re not running the program with elevated privileges. For an explanation on how to run the app with these permissions, see this thread: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/11841-run-administrator.html. When I get the opportunity, I’ll make it so the app asks for elevated permissions when it runs (don’t worry, you’ll still need to give it the okay before it runs).

    I’m integrating new tweaks into the tool all the time, but there are some things I won’t be implementing:

    1) Anything that affects gameplay or could be considered a cheat. Not really interested in tempting a VAC ban, sorry.
    2) Any changes that require editing binary files, or files inside the game directory for the same reason as above.

  37. @PhilllipJokar: I wish I had a decent explanation for you – it seems to be an isolated issue with a few users. I’ll see what I can do, but it might be out of my hands if it’s affecting files you edit yourself.

  38. Woohoo nice tool and nice mods, community ur letting this gem shine. I wonder if the devs can keep up with your work *fg*

    I do have a quick feature request:
    Let us switch the games language in the tool:
    /dead island/DI/Data/game.ini

    Valid values I know of:
    Cz = Czech
    De = German
    En = English
    Es = Spanish
    Fr = French
    It = Italian
    Pl = Polish
    Ru = Russian

    If we had this feature we wouldn’t need to use steam to re/install the pak files after each change (DataEn.pak is always there any none DataEn.pak gets deleted when switched via steam if im right)

  39. Evening,

    I love this Dead Island tweak utility. A must have for all Dead Island gamers in my opinion. Thank you for giving us light at the end of the dark tunnel we were trapped in.

    Now, at first this utility didn’t work. I would load the tweaks I wanted to use in DI and none of them would activate. So I did some trial and error testing to find the problem. Seems like it has to do with the game’s shortcut from my testing. Go to your Steam’s folder and locate your Dead Island game directory. Now copy the DeadIslandGame.exe and paste it as a shortcut to your desktop. Now once you are done with making your tweaks, run it from your new short cut you just made.

    The shortcut I was using at first was “Dead Island”, the new one I am u sing now is “DeadIslandGame”.

    Hope this works out for you or maybe it was just coming from my end only? I did test both shortcuts out and one worked, the other didn’t.

  40. @Echozan: Thanks heaps for that report, should help me figure out what’s going on.

  41. Oh god, I love you sooo much for this utility. As soon as I’m back in Germany I’m going to donate you a beer or something.

  42. I’ll just leave this link here

    it explains how to disable the in-game voip and is definitly a feature i would like to see added to this program.

    also, for a full list of current tweaks and fixes u can consider to add to the program. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2106453

  43. @Chris: That’s pretty much the exact thread I used to implement the tweaks (in fact, the Helper is linked to and mentioned in the first post), but thanks anyway!

  44. Hey, this is a silly little error, nothing major, but when I highlight 82.5 degrees as the field of view, it says “Set’s the field of view to 75 degrees” :P

  45. Also, my copy throws up an error whenever I try to activate vertical sync

  46. @Nick: That’s no good. Are you able to copy/paste the error?

  47. Is 3rd person an option with this helper? If not, is it possible?

  48. @ubtri: It might be possible, but it’s not in the helper right now. The tweaks themselves are created by the folks in this Steam thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2106453. All I do is add them to the helper so they’re easy to turn on and off.

    I’d suggest following the linked thread. If they find a way to enable a 3rd person view, you’ll read about it there.

  49. An issue I experienced with Dead Island was that I had to set my mouse sensitivity really low (5 clicks from the left) but since the menus use the same sensitivity, my mouse was useless for UI. Had to move the mouse appr 5 inches for each inch of cursor movement. Is there a way to mirror desktop sensitivity in menus?

  50. @Straid: Try the override mouse sensitivity option in the helper. To use it correctly, you should set the in-game mouse sensitivity to as high as it can go. Then, activate the “Override mouse sensitivity” option and restart the game.

  51. @Chris It’d be nice if that file path even existed.. Doesn’t in mine >_>

  52. @Logan- I just did it again and actually read it, and realized it was only saying that the file it was looking for wasn’t found. There is no “Dead Island” folder in my documents folder. Not sure why.

  53. This is a fantastic little tool, thanks for making it!

    If possible, would you be able to allow a toggle for anti aliasing? The game has 2xAA turned on permanently by default and I wouldn’t mind having more options.

  54. […] plays the game is unable to switch weapons at all :/ Give this a try for turning bloom etc off : Playwrite: Dead Island Helper: Automatically improve performance and apply tweaks without having to … might help with the motion sickness… also there's some tweaks for view bobbing/shaking: Motion […]

  55. Thanks allot for this tweak. I gained tons of FPS. At first it did not seem to work. For some reason i had to move the files it created in my documents manualy to the out file in the program files. After that it worked like a charm.

  56. @Mike: So it looks like the game potentially reads from two different directories. Very odd.

    So was the path essentially “Program Files\Dead Island\out”? If not, could you provide the path?

  57. Since I downloaded the new version, the “disable bloom” option causes an error when I am indoor. Basically, when I move the camera, the screen starts turning black from the edges to the middle. With bloom enabled, nothing is wrong!

  58. Love from Sweden mate!
    Keep up the good work!

  59. Awesome program thanks for making it for the community!.

    Is it possible there could be a fix included in a future release for the games hardcoded ‘use key’ for us ESDF users, something that changes it from ‘f’ to say ‘g’.


  60. @Max: I’m looking into it, though I’d like to implement something more flexible so you can bind it to any key rather than a hard-coded reassign to G.

  61. For reassigning the hard-coded use button: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=25028521&postcount=701

    I reckon it wouldn’t be too hard to add something to make it more versatile with which key it changes to

  62. Also, I noticed the Helper made a Dead Island folder in my documents folder, but it says it can’t find the video.scr now

  63. @Nick: Download v1.6 (which I just uploaded) and try the “Use alternate configuration folder” and let me know how you go.

  64. Yes, everything works great now! Though, I did realize that the mouse sensitivity override did work before, I had forgotten about that. But, none of the others worked previously, and now they do. I’m really not sure why the mouse one did and the others didn’t. In fact, I didn’t have to reset the mouse sensitivity after changing the folder, it still works. I didn’t delete the DI folder from Documents, perhaps that’s why?

  65. @Nick: Glad it’s all working now. Wish I could give you an explanation, but I’m just as confused as you. You’d think it’d look in one location or the other.

    Ah well, just one more thing the developers need to look at. ;)

  66. Hahaha yeah. I think I read though on the steampowered forums that you don’t even have to include the entire file, that you can just include the edits, and it will load the rest from the .pak file. Now THAT is pretty interesting, haha.

  67. Nice tool but why does it suddenly ask for adminrights? Please dont force this!

    Grr hells i just want to add a comment and this blog thinks i am spamming…

  68. How uninstall this programm?
    WTF: http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/1695/2011091300001.jpg

  69. @jasonx: If you haven’t installed any other tweaks, you can just delete the “My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data” folder.

    As for the program itself, just delete the executable.

    Next version I’ll add a “Revert” option so you can go back to your previous settings before.

  70. @grrrr: Some functions of the program were not working unless the program was run as an administrator. So now the program automatically prompts for access when it runs.

  71. @jasonx: thx, good.

  72. Hmm. Whenever I’m in a zone thingy, like the police station or sewers, when I run, a lot of my screen turns white, the least white part being the very middle. When I get hit, I get weird flashes of white as well, not the same as the running one however. It doesn’t happen in the city or in the resort though.

    List of things I have active with your tool:

    Event logging disabled, vertical sync on, FOV = 82.5, enable simple shadows, disable weapon refraction, disable bloom, disable dust effects, disable desaturation effect, disable motion blur, disable SSAO (I run ATI not nVidia, maybe that’s an issue?)

    Others: Fog is changed from 1.0 to 0.2, and the intro videos don’t play on game start-up.

  73. @Nick: I’m not sure. I’m having issues with simple shadows myself. If you have time, try playing around with the tweaks and see what happens.

    Perhaps deactivate the simple shadows and SSAO tweaks and see what happens?

  74. […] vsycn..soal laggy ada download tool buat dead island tuh buat ilangin shutternya….nih linknya….Playwrite: Dead Island Helper: Automatically improve performance and apply tweaks without having to … Reply With Quote   + Reply to […]

  75. Simple Shadows disabled, SSAO disabled: Invasive white effects are fairly lessened.
    Simple Shadows enabled, SSAO enabled: Invasive white effects somewhat lessened.
    Simple Shadows disabled, SSAO enabled: Same as previous, but introduces what I guess is micro stuttering perhaps, slight lag only when walking and turning at the same time.

    I’m not sure. I’ll be going to bed now though, I’ll try to explore more possibilities tomorrow.

  76. @Nick: Fair enough. My only other thought is the fog tweak, which you said you applied yourself. Maybe try reversing that.

  77. Thank you for your hard work in making this helpful little tool and providing it to us!

  78. Hi ! Thanks for this awesome tool ! Any chance you could add a way to select folder with video.scr because it seems that it always picks the account with administrator privilages even if the game config files are in a directory of different user.

  79. I used the version 1.0, micro stuttering was gone! Back in windows (when switched) I couldnt write “wwwwwwwwwwww” because of the fix.

    Now with 1.6 I can write everywhere “wwwwwwww” and the stuttering is GONE!

    Realy nice made tool, must have to play this awesome game as its meant to be^^

  80. latest crashes no start possible

    Stopped working

    Problemereignisname: CLR20r3
    Problemsignatur 01: dead island helper.exe
    Problemsignatur 02:
    Problemsignatur 03: 4e6f7a2f
    Problemsignatur 04: Dead Island Helper
    Problemsignatur 05:
    Problemsignatur 06: 4e6f7a2f
    Problemsignatur 07: 87
    Problemsignatur 08: 154
    Problemsignatur 09: System.NullReferenceException
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031

  81. Program is crashing every time I try to run it.

  82. Hey, the new changes in 1.7 are great. Thanks a lot. \o/

  83. plz add change view distance

  84. I’ve released a new version, 1.7a, with a bug fix. Try downloading it again.

    The crash is caused when the program can’t find the Dead Island registry settings, which usually happens when the game hasn’t been installed properly or in an unorthodox way (such as a pirated version).

  85. plz add change view distance, when indoor i have 20-25 fps but outdoor 6-7fps plz help

  86. @thehell: I don’t think there’s a tweak available for that yet, sorry.

  87. keeps crashing and i dont have it pirated, i just reinstalled windows without reinstalling steam

    Stopped working

    Problemereignisname: CLR20r3
    Problemsignatur 01: dead island helper.exe
    Problemsignatur 02:
    Problemsignatur 03: 4e6f81c1
    Problemsignatur 04: Dead Island Helper
    Problemsignatur 05:
    Problemsignatur 06: 4e6f81c1
    Problemsignatur 07: 52
    Problemsignatur 08: 0
    Problemsignatur 09: System.NullReferenceException
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031

    pls fix it, thx

  88. @Jonny: No worries Jonny. I’ve uploaded a new file that should fix your problem.

  89. Good job, Logan! Kudos to you for this tool.. Really help me and my friends enjoy Dead Island :)
    Got one question tho.. seems that I can’t get the Disable in-game voice Chat option to work. Any tips?

  90. how do i activate the program? just click it?
    when i click it nothing happens, it just asks for permisson

  91. it works again, thx but

    “Smart tweak detection: Dead Island Helper now reads edited files for changes and intelligently sets the enabled / disabled state of each tweak. Now you can see exactly what tweaks you’ve set – even ones you didn’t activate with Dead Island Helper!”

    this not :D

  92. First of all, good job and kudos to you for making this tool, Logan! Me and my friends can enjoy playing Dead Island now :)
    One question tho: seems I can’ get the Disable in-game voice chat option to work. Any tips?

  93. Ok, ik get a message wen i open it but where is the notification area so i can configure it??? plz help

  94. it will start the dead island helper, is see its is running in the process tab, but i WONT see in at my taskbar? !

  95. When I hover over a tweak category it doesn’t expand so I can see the actual tweaks.

  96. Thank you for this great mod, now I can play DI without getting motion sickness! A couple things though: when disabling bloom in the newest version it also prevents you from seeing fires caused by your weapons (not sure about others) and effects such as the gushing water in the first part of the sewer. Also, the disabling of in-game voice option does not seem to do anything.

  97. The micro stutter fix works wonders. Even when I was getting a steady vsynced 60 fps before, the game just never felt really smooth, but it certainly does now.

    I had previous done a few manual file edits myself, but this little utility makes things a lot simpler. Thanks.

  98. @Tobias: Look in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen, where the clock and volume icons are normally position. It will be the green tree icon nestled among those. You may need to click the little arrow button to expand your notification area.

    In the next version, I’ll make sure the menu pops up automatically when it’s run for the first time.

    @Uhluhtc: Thanks for letting me know. I’m not doing anything the manual bloom tweak doesn’t do, but I’ll see what I can do. Regarding the in-game voice, will look into it.

    @Jonny: It can only detect tweaks the Helper itself can set. It’s pretty good at detecting them, but because editing the configuration files is a very freeform process, it can’t account for everything.

  99. Thanks for your effort in letting tweaker’s jobs easier.
    I just wanna let you know that the Weather setting has a bug when going indoors. You can see at the doors/passages that the weather comes back to sunny outside, and then when you go outdoors it changes to cloudy in front of your eyes. It really kills immersion. Not sure if its fixable, could be developer’s fault.

    Once again, Thanks.

  100. @Kyle: I noticed that myself. The tweak itself comes from this post: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2106453

    It changes a single variable, so any issues I would say are game-related.

  101. Any word on why the tweak categories won’t expand for me? I have the correct .NET frameworks and everything.

  102. @Glowyrm: Nothing with the menus has changed in the last version, so I’m not sure. Try left-clicking / right-clicking on them if hover isn’t working. Otherwise I’ll take a look when I can.

  103. Tried everything, thanks.

  104. Loving this tool something fierce except one small problem for some reason whenever I use the helper I cant use any of my auxiliary mouse buttons. Let me tell you how frustrated I was when I loaded it up, loved all that the tool fixed, went to do a quest and realized I couldn’t kick anything since I have my kick bound to one of my mouse side buttons… If there is a way to fix this I would greatly appreciate it I want to use this tool as it is freaking amazing but not having full mouse functionality is a no go for me.

  105. @logan man awesome i found it :P
    but when i select visual improvements they dont do anything :(
    i stil got for example al lot of blur
    but the shorter intro works

  106. @Deusnocturne: The tool doesn’t do anything with the mouse, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

    Are you using something like X-Mouse to bind keyboard keys to your auxiliary mouse buttons? If so, try disabling the micro-stutter fix under “Keyboard and mouse” and let me know if the problem continues.

  107. @tobias: You’ll need to track down the correct configuration folder. Click the custom configuration folder option in the menu and look for a folder called “out” in:

    1) Your game directory
    2) Each user’s “My Documents” or “Documents” folder. It will be under the folder “DeadIsland”

    When you find it, select it, and see if the tweaks work. You may need to re-set them again each time you choose a new configuration folder.

  108. If you’re a “naughty” gamer the folder you use may not be in My Documents.

    You would be using the regular game directory.

    “Dead Island/DI/out/Data/…etc…etc…”

  109. @Logan No I’m not using anything like X-mouse to force key bindings i bound my keys in game, tried turning off the stutter fix and it didn’t change anything I’m systematically going through all the fixes to see if I can figure out which one does it or if I have some entirely other problem… I’ll update you if I find anything.

  110. Man you guys are real Pro’s
    Thanks for the help so far
    it al works, but after the patch it all laggy, not much but more than before
    love u

  111. Thanks for this great tool! Would be cool if you could add new zombie number modifier :) Keep on coding!

  112. disable ingame voice (mic) doesn’t work!

  113. i am changing details and clicking play dead island nothing happens

  114. Thanks for the amazing tool and keep up the great work!

    It seems fairly easy and obvious that you should have an option to make Anti-Aliasing on as it is dead simple to do and makes the game look so much better. Also making some of the video setting 0 makes the game look much nicer like water for instance and changing the shader model to 5 makes it run better IMO. These would be good options to have in this tool.

  115. I’ve been using this since getting the game, and despite clicking the otpion to mute in gamve voice, both me and a friend (who also has this) can still hear ourselves double, which is annoying as the voice in game is much quieter than what we normally use

  116. Guys, can you help me?
    Well, the icon customization of my windows (right down corner) was not showing the DEAD ISLAND HELPER icon, so i chosed personalize and what I found? 5 DEAD ISLAND HELPER icons asking if would like to show notifications, always show, etc…
    Wth?! 5 DIH?? Why is that and how can i get rid of them, so it shows only 1….???

  117. And my “out” folder isn’t in my documents folder….
    They are at Steam/Steamapps/common/deadisland/DI/out
    Why is that?

  118. @Ivan: I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Some versions of the game go to My Documents, others the game directory. You can manually set the correct directory using the select custom folder option in the tool.

    As for the duplicate instances – Dead Island Helper is written so that only one instance can be active at a time. If you mouse over the icons, they should disappear.

    If this doesn’t happen, then you can just sequentially select “Exit” for each instance, and then just run the latest one.

    To everyone asking about the mute audio option – yes, it doesn’t work. I’ll be removing it in the next version. There doesn’t seem to be an elegant or quick way of implementing a fix unfortunately, so we’ll have to hope Techland patches it.

    @Exostenza: To get AA working, I had to set a compatibility flag using NVIDIA Inspector. This is a little outside the scope of the program.

    I believe turning the shader model to 5 will disable the bloom, dust and refraction tweaks, as they’re all made to the shader path 3 files. If this is not the case, let me know.

    @hydrogen: Click the select custom folder option, browser to your game directory, and locate a folder called “out” (it should be in Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dead island\DI). Then try the tweaks again.

  119. @Logan: That was not what i meant…XD
    Actually i was talking about the “control panel – Icons in the notification area” You know?

    (When you press the little arrow pointing up at the right down corner of the screen, right next to the icons)
    =- Where you can configure which incon will appear or when it will appear…Understand?

    There are 5 DEAD ISLAND HELPER there, but just one of them works, i want to remove the others…Is there some kind of UNINSTALL?

  120. @Ivan: Yep, we’re talking about the same thing.

    You may need to temporarily show all notification icons to “refresh” it. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

  121. Video settings in the helper are still greyed out for me..everything else works. It says I need to start the game to use the video setting and the game is running.

  122. @Gu1air: Try restarting Dead Island Helper. If that doesn’t work, then the program wasn’t able to detect the Video.scr file. If it doesn’t exist in “My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Settings”, then you need to use the custom settings folder option and set it to “(your game directory)\DI\out\”.

  123. Cheers! Great tool, very useful set of options, very easy to use. I was editing the files manually before like a chump, but now I don’t have to – thanks to DI Helper, by theplaywrite.com!

  124. @Logan: Hey man, well, i made my way to the HideIconsFromTasbar, but what you mean by refresh it?
    There are 5 DEAD ISLAND HELPER.exe there, i selected to always show icons and notifications for all of them, but it says that they are not active now….Even if I open DIH again, it will create another icon…XD
    How can i get rid of the others?

  125. Love the tool, but the latest version (from the 14th) trips my AV scanners whenever it launches, presumably because of the hooks into the keyboard drivers. Previous versions didn’t cause any issues with my AV. Did something change in the tool?

  126. I’ve been able to use the program just fine but had to reinstall DI and now it crashes every time I run it.

  127. @Logan: Please spend a little less time training computer illiterate people in the basic functions of Windows and a little more time making the “disable voice chat” function actually work… or at the very least, test tweaks for functionality before releasing them.

  128. Right click them and close exit them.

    Or right click on the task bar somewhere (not on any icons) and select “start task manager”.

    Go to the processes tab and look for something like DeadIslandHelper.exe (not sure of the exact name). Right click them and select “end process”.

  129. Actually this does not help…
    they are not active at the momment…
    they don’t even exist…(except inside the HideIconsFormTaskbar menu)
    So, as they don’t exist, i can’t finish them…but windows thinks they are different programs and everytime i active DeadIslandHelper it creates another icon in the HideIconsFromTaskbar menu….
    I have to get rid of them…..TT_TT

  130. @Logan: May I ask which AA compatibility flag you use with NVinspector?

  131. Not sure if you know this, but if you turn on the prevent keystroke repetition, it prevents it for other things, such as google chrome. So basically, you can’t hold delete or space, etc.

  132. Hi, thanks for this tool…looks like it will be very useful however I am yet to play the game.
    It crashes everytime i get to the “press any key”. Even with the helper it still crashes :(.

    Any suggestions? Tried re d/l install.Thanks

  133. @Steven: It should only do this while the game is running. I had a check in there that would only make it happen when the game had focus (that is, while you’re actually playing it) but the call it made is very similar to what a cheat would make (sadly, this was unavoidable). So now it just checks if DI is running.

    You can also just deactivate the tweak when you Alt-Tab out.

  134. @Ben: The tweak tool doesn’t help with crashes unfortunately. It’s only function is to activate tweaks to improve performance and visuals.

    You may have to wait for a patch from the developer to help you.

  135. No problem, seems to be a few people in the same situation by the looks of the forums. Thanks though tweaks are not my strong point as i learnt from crysis 2. Much appreciated

  136. awesome tool, works flawlessly

    if the options are grayed out set the install folder
    c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Dead Island

    if the options dont stick set the custom config folder
    c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Dead Island\DI\out

  137. Thx for your work, seriously. Good Job

  138. Thanks for the “naughty” help!

  139. After I activated the tweak I can’t see the fire, voltage, smoke effects anymore. I deactivate all tweaks but it don’t work!!! Anyone with this problems here?

    I have a Ati graphiccard.

  140. @Frank: Try downloading v1.81 and reapplying the bloom, weapon refraction and dust tweaks.

  141. “Requires the .NET 2.0 Framework, which anyone running Windows XP SP3 and above should have.”

    What the hell? You mean you not ONLY tell which version of .NET Framework you use, but you aren’t using the absurd higher versions for no reason?!? ( I don’t know the advances, nor care… but if everything you’re doing can be done with 2.0; why should I be installing 4.0 simply to run “your program”).

    What is the world coming to?
    /me does not own, and whole heartedly supports protest against piracy of, said game… but was curious at how after 8 days of release the modding community seemed to be in full motion.

  142. Is it possible to upload Helper 1.80 again? Worked like a charm here, 1.81 causes stutter again.

  143. @UL: You can download the older v1.8 here:

    The latest version can always be downloaded from the link at the top of this page.

  144. When i used this tool it (pardon my laguage) Fucked up everything that is text wise for ex:
    If its suppose to say play now or what ever that button is instead it says*$343fdgf ddds da#34, it just wreaks all my words. and when i leave the tool it does the same thing

  145. I have a dual screen set up and the top half of the options slide open to the other screen, but when I try to roll over there the helper menu disappears. Any way to fix that?

  146. @Storm: I’m sorry you’ve had some trouble with the game. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the tool is responsible for your problems, as it doesn’t edit anything that could alter the text or language.

    If you haven’t applied any other mods, try deleting the “Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data” folder and see if it corrects the problem.

  147. Thanks for the program. I appreciate it :)


    backup current settings
    edit how much ammo we want
    edit weapon durability
    higher amount of zombies (spawn more)

    I saw those mods flying around somewhere in the SPUF thread.

  148. @john: No worries.

    I’d like to keep the tweaks in the tool limited to performance and visual enhancement, otherwise it would just blow out! I can put in an option to backup settings however.

  149. thanks allot for the effort, this game wasnt playable for me without this tool :)
    i had the game working great with the 1.7 and 1.8 versions, the i put 1.81 and made some other changes, and apparently screwed up my game :(
    after the loading screen i could see only black and still hear sound, tried all the fixes for the black screen issue and none worked, i put 1.8 back instead and it was the same.
    had to reinstall, checked the game with 1.8 – all good, then 1.81 – again with the black screen.
    after all this i could not bring the game back to its initial playable state, performance is not as good as it was no matter what i do, and it gets worse as i play, after 5-10 min of playing my fps drops drastically and keeps dropping, changing priority to high in tsk mgr may fix this, problem is that with this tool i cant change it – says theres no access, but i also cant use 1.81 which supposedly fixed this issue because it will bring back the black screen, strange, i know.
    any suggestions about this issue?

  150. For the life of me, I cannot get Dead Island Helper to work. I have deleted and reinstalled the game twice now and I still cannot get it to work. I have custom set the folder to where /DI/out is and no luck :(

    Also gone to Documents/DeadIsland/out and same thing.

  151. black screen issue
    after being able to play with 1.7 i tried the new 1.9 and black screen is back :(
    hope i dont need to reinstall again (like 5th time) but for now simply deleting 1.9 (including data folder in ‘My documents’) and using 1.7 again dosnt fix the problem, gonna try some other methods

  152. @kayo: Could you be more specific when you say “black screen issue”?

    Also, if you want a fresh start, you need to delete the entire contents of the “Documents\DeadIsland\out” folder, not just “Data”.

  153. @logan: i meant i deleted the ‘out’ folder not just ‘data’
    and the black screen issue for is that i can see the main menu but after the load screen when loading a game i get a black screen with sound, pressing escape i can hear the menu music but cant see it
    if i start a new game, the character selection screen is also only black.
    at the moment im back to 1.7 again, game works but with this fps drop after a few minutes, making it unplayable

  154. Nothing I do with the helper seems to be taking effect in the game. My default “out” folder is in My Documents and all the files are there. Is there anything I can do? I really need these tweaks to run the game on a playable level… D:

  155. Wrong settings folder it thinks Documents\DeadIsland\out folder but I don’t use cracked version I have legit on Steam so all settings & saves are stored on the Steam cloud, proper folder is:
    Where 29350456 is your user ID, 91310 is the appid for dead island and C:\Games\Steam could be anywhere you installed steam

  156. For some reason, dead island helper will not allow me to change any of the video settings; it says video.scr not detected, run the game before using this tool. However, I did that, and it still doesn’t allow me to change anything in the video settings.

  157. Hello, I would like to request a feature. There is a problem with Dead Island if you have Dual Monitors. You start the game, and it doesn’t load. It just shows a black screen. The fix is quite simple and I believe should be implemented into your fixer.

    You simply change the lines in Video.scr








    This completely solves the bug, however something resets the video scr file every time the game is closed so I have to do this by hand over and over. Thank you, and I really appreciate your work.

  158. Sorry, it’s actually








    got them mixed up, haha.

  159. “Override in-game mouse sensitivity” does not work for me. Is it
    possible to setup the sens values for menus and gameplay manually?
    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve already done!

  160. nvm, after manually choosing the conf folder it works!
    still I would love to be able to choose my own sensitivities:)

  161. @TakinTheHeat: Thanks, I’ll take a look and see what I can do!

  162. http://i51.tinypic.com/v8pfuo.png

    That’s an image of the error I’m getting.
    I checked the folder and unfortunately I don’t have that file in there, is there a fix for this..?


  163. Oh I forgot to add I get that message whenever I try to target my Dead Island folder.

  164. @Rob: Can you tell me what files are in the directory the error shows? So “(blacked-out part)\Dead Island\DI\”.

  165. @Rob: Does the folder contain “Data0.pak”? If not, it can’t be the right folder.

    If it does, but “Data2.pak” is missing… I’m surprised you can run the game at all. Have you updated to the latest version via Steam?

    You can check by starting the game and, at the main menu screen, look in the bottom-right hand corner. If the version number says anything but “1.2.0”, then you need to update your game first.

  166. All of the files in my “\Dead Island\DI\” folder are as follows;


    Game’s been updated and everything, I’m missing that folder for some reason.

  167. I’d also like to ask if this actually noticeably increases performance?
    The framerate I’m currently getting is everything but decent, it’s “playable” I guess but it’s so choppy it simply isn’t enjoyable.

    I don’t want to be wasting my time if you know what I mean, no offense.

  168. @Rob: When you start the game and get to the main menu, can you tell me what numbers are written in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen?

    Also, in the tool, did you select “Steam\SteamApps\dead island\DI\out” as your configuration folder?

  169. @Rob: It really depends on your PC hardware, but deactivating the shader effects, turning on vsync, removing motion blur, etc, should improve performance because your video card isn’t doing as much.

  170. I also set everything up properly, mine says 1.2.0, and my default out folder is in My Documents but none of it is working

  171. When I used this new 1.9 beta version Kaspersky showed fake trojan alert in one of Dead Island files when I tried to run the game. Or maybe it wasn’t fake alert ? :]

  172. @dsawer554: As long as you always download Dead Island Helper from this website, it will contain no viruses, trojans or other malicious files. The same can’t be said for the numerous torrents of it I’ve seen floating around.

    The source code for the program is completely unobsfucated. Anyone can open it up and see exactly what it does. Seeing as it’s programmed in C#, I would have to be a complete idiot to put anything malicious in there when it can be so easily discovered.

  173. 1.91 is not working

  174. @Zuko: Thanks for reporting that. I’ve fixed the bug and uploaded v1.91a.

  175. When I go and open Dead Island Helper, I recieve a prompt saying that it had stopped working. Have you uploaded v1.91a yet?

  176. @Deatholar: Yes, you will need to download 1.91a manually from:

  177. I just downloaded the new file but the same problem persists where the program just crashes on startup.

  178. The same problem still exists where it just crashes on startup. This is after I just downloaded the latest file

  179. @Deatholar: Is it giving you any error text at all? I can’t find anything wrong at the moment.

  180. OK got it to work.

    For some reason I had to force windows 7 compatibility which is wierd considering i am using Windows 7 …

  181. Trojan.Win32.Possador.caq virus scan picked up this when runnning this helper

  182. quarantined the file and now i cant play Daad island

  183. virus scan picks up a trojan.win32.possador.caq when you start the DI helper soon as i quarantine it i cant play the game since the file infected is one you need to play the game.

  184. Same here, it crashes. And I can’t get the game to run using steam either..

  185. and i got this file from here

  186. 1.91 just gives me an instant crash “stopped working” on Win 7 x64. Every other version worked flawlessly. Thanks for the hard work and I hope this issue gets fixes asap.

    Can’t play without your stutter fix!

  187. Ok I forced Win 7 compatibility like the above poster said and 1.92 works now. Strange as I have Win 7 as well. Hey, at least it is working!

  188. I reinstalled the game Logan and fortunately now I do have all of my folders in place.

    Unfortunately however the version of DIH I was using isn’t working, I’m going to try 1.92.

    Finished downloading, still isn’t working. I run DIH as an administrator, apply my settings and when I start the game none of them take effect.

  189. Getting an insta crash with 1.91 on my G53. Yesterday’s 1.9 works fine. I think a bug may have been introduced.

  190. Hello,

    Since i can’t reach you on the steam forums because it sacked, heres the problem report:

    (I use dutch windows so i translated enough for you to not get lost:

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Event log of problem: CLR20r3
    Problem signature 01: dead island helper.exe
    Problem signature 02:
    Problem signature 03: 4e774ec1
    Problem signature 04: Dead Island Helper
    Probleemhandtekening 05:
    Probleemhandtekening 06: 4e774ec1
    Probleemhandtekening 07: 41
    Probleemhandtekening 08: 25
    Probleemhandtekening 09: System.NullReferenceException
    Operating system version: 6.1.7601.
    Country-id: 2067


  192. Hey all, I’ve reverted the download to v1.9 beta until I can figure out what’s going on.

  193. hi again :)
    im still having trouble with this game but its playable atleast
    one question though, for some reason i cant revert the changes made by DIH, even when starting the game without it, all the changes are still there, deleting the ‘dead island’ folder in my documents dont change things back either, any suggestions?
    p.s – still using 1.7, anything above gives me the black screen

  194. This isnt working for me… I downloaded the game and everyhing, someone else around here was having the same issue, I believe his name was “T”. When I go to the mydocuments folder there is no folder called Settings anywhere inside the DeadIsland folder. When I right click to disable vsync in the program it is greyed out and says Video.src not found, however I’ve played the game already and even completed the prologue. All of the other tweaks I also check off do not apply, and the game continues to run like crap.

    Any helps appreciated.

  195. Could kayo or someone share v1.7 because that one worked perfectly for me and everything newer crashes.

  196. Hi
    First, many thanks for this great tool. :)

    Just wanted to report that when I launch DI through your launcher, which has the ‘no movies’ nifty feature, my logitech mouse drivers seem to be overridden (Note that I don’t use the override IG mouse sensitivity) and my buttons aren’t recognized anymore.
    Everything works fine when I launch DI through Steam or Shortcut.
    This was happening with previous versions as well.

    Can’t wait for the profile/saves Backup feature.

  197. God some of you are rude.

    A simple thank you for the author’s time and hard work wouldn’t go astray.

    Nevermind, I’ll say it for you, THANKS.

  198. How can I disable the effect of the DI helper, is that I just exit the program or restart my computer??

  199. Having some odd things happening during gameplay; when I’m inside a building and either turning fast (blurs on the sides) or aiming, the blur or place in front of me starts getting black. Was wondering what tweak is causing it.

    Also is it possible to have a way of using the chat key (enter) while using a gamepad/controller to play it cause when using the Controller/Gamepad, it doesn’t let you use any keys?

  200. @FreeSpirit. It’s the “Disable bloom” tweak. Try using “Reduce bloom” instead. As for the Chat key, I’m not really sure.

    For everyone else, I’m looking into the issues people are having i.e. crashes, and will post an update as soon as I can.

  201. @zombiebot: For older versions, check http://downloads.zafehouse.com/deadislandhelper/.

  202. @Jon T: Buy the game.

  203. Hi, I was using version 1.8 with no problems other than a few graphical glitches and 5 minutes load time, I downloaded 1.9 and now I have a black screen when the game loads up how do I fix my settings to go back to what they were when I was using 1.8???

  204. Would like to know what this virus is Trojan.Win32.Possador.caq virus scan picks it up when i start the game with your di helper, quaranting it doesnt allow me to play it, since the file is needed to play DI.

  205. @ice: This is a false positive from Dead Island, not Dead Island Helper. See this thread for more information.


  206. @Dejagg: I’m not sure why this is happening. You can “reset” all your settings by deleting the “out” folder in “Documents\DeadIsland”.

    Note this will also clear any mods or other tweaks you may have applied separate to Dead Island Helper, so perhaps back it up before proceeding.

  207. Thanks, I can deal with invisible fire and 5 minute load times but I cant do anything with a blank screen ;p

  208. Has no effect in game. game folder and custom configuration folder set correctly.

  209. This latest version wont start for me, here is a picture of the error message:


  210. It works sweet but i cant see fire and electricity for example

  211. Can you apply an option to turn off join requests as they constantly pop up even in SINGLE player game..!

    Thanks,… keep up the great work with this.

  212. Is there any way to force foliage settings on low? Every time I start it’s set on high again.

  213. On my laptop i just get a “Error code: object reference not set to an instance of an object” (windows 7 32bit) while it works perfectly on my main pc. Kinda annoying as i really want to get rid of the blood and whatnot on the laptop for smoother playl. (both copies of the game are legit)

  214. Seems it works if you launch it with “force windows 7 compatiblity mode” strange.

  215. downloaded the 1.93 version
    when starting it i get an error
    Error code: object reference not set to an instance of an object
    anyone else getting this

  216. @origin: Send me the file you get when you use “Create diagnostic file”. Email is logan@theplaywrite.com.

  217. Works great for me, thanks Logan.

    The previous version wouldn’t start with Windows, and Vsync wouldn’t hold or work.

    With this version, it all works perfectly.

    With every revision, it keeps getting better.

    Thanks again.

  218. i cant even see blood spatter, and thats what this game about :(
    hope u guys can help

  219. To everyone who is having issues with the Helper (and can actually run it), the best thing you can do is use the “Create diagnostic file” in v1.93 beta and sent it to logan@theplaywrite.com.

  220. @Tobias: Try using “Reduce bloom” instead of “Disable bloom” and make sure “Disable dust” is not checked.

  221. You guys really rock!
    tnx again

  222. I’m encountering crippling mouse slow effect with 1.93, the mouse will randomly slow down to old fart speeds at any given time, lasting for seconds. I have the mouse sensitivity override enabled. I had stuck with 1.81 for a few days and it never gave me that problem, until I upgraded to 1.93.

  223. @Kerian: Can you try and set the process priority of Dead Island Helper to “Low” for me and see if it helps?

  224. the trouble i had with versions 1.8 to 1.91 are now fixed :) mainly the black screen issue.
    but now my previous save isnt loading with 1.94, it loads fine when i start the game without the helper.
    i can start a new game, and it works fine, but i really dont feel like playing it all over again
    anyway this is great work your doing!!! thanks

  225. @kayo: Hover over the “Play Dead Island” option, and it should expand to show an option called “Start via Steam”. Check this option, and then run the game by using “Play Dead Island”. Let me know if your save works then.

  226. @logan: i managed to load my save game now
    i noticed it created a new ‘steam_appid.txt’ on my desktop with a different number, i changed it to the old one and made it ‘read only’ and it works now

  227. Overcast weather doesn’t seem to work correctly here. When you go outside from inside a house for example, you can clearly see that the weather changes as you walk out of the house. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Nevertheless, great job. Awesome tool! Thanks. :)

  228. Hello, I have a problem with the micro-stutter fix, sometimes the keyboard input gets “stuck”.
    I sent you an email.

  229. @Ivan: I know exactly what you’re talking about. Unfortunately, this is “quirk” of the tweak that I haven’t read a solution for.

  230. @LouNGeR: Thanks, I’ll take a look.

  231. Hi Logan,

    Is there any way to fix the audio static and screeching that affects a lot of people? (editing Audio.scr didn’t work for me)

    Also, is there a way to turn off auto-aim, or at least turn it down a it?

    Thanks for all your work.

  232. @Kleetus: I haven’t seen any tweaks that address these issues, no.

    If I do, I’ll be sure to add them to the tool.

  233. I cant see fire when i shoot???
    enabled bloom already, no effect

  234. any chances for custom mouse sensitivities?

  235. i’m using windows 7 64bit with dual monitors your menu options go across to my second screen and become un-clickable i have to move my entire start bar to be able to use it

  236. Your fix didn’t work. Got my save fubbared and restored a backup done with your 1.94a beta but it doesn’t work. Since I relied on your tool for my backup I lost a lvl31 for a second time, I’m really happy.

  237. @invalidusername: I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m disabling the functionality immediately, though I know that’s little consolation to you.

    The save games are stored in “Documents\DeadIsland\Save Game Backups\” so it’s entirely possible you can manually restore your game. All files required for a successful backup are stored there. Otherwise, check out this thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2127598&highlight=save+repair

  238. Oh my…It’s so simple and it works!
    The other fixes I had found were using hacking the corrupted save game using a new one and weren’t perfect. Losing all sidequests done is a bit irritating. ;p

    Well keep this backup functionality it’s better to have it that way than to have to do it manually. :p

  239. @invalidusername: Really glad it worked. Again, sorry that it gave you trouble in the first place.

  240. The rebind hardcoded use key thingy doesnt work for me atm, just gives me invalid string when i try to bind a new key in the helper.

  241. Thanks Logan, but in the first place it’s who Techland are giving us trouble. I would have backup the whole save game folder manually I would have encounter the same issue.

  242. @ Invalidusername, right-click your save folder, then Properties and then the Previous Version tab.

    Try to extract an earlier save.

  243. Logan, the Helper’s default process priority IS Low. Having the same problem with 1.94. I’m switching back to 1.81 and see what happens

  244. *update* it now happens with 1.81, and it comes from the Override Mouse Sensitivity function. As soon as I turned that off, I can play normally, no slow-down effect.

  245. @Keiran: Make sure the mouse sensitivity in-game is set to its maximum before activating the override mouse sensitivity tweak. This tweak works by lowering the “look” sensitivity in the data files, so if you have the in-game sensitivity set too low, it will cause the mouse to be sluggish.

    This tweak does not alter anything else other than the “look” mouse sensitivity.

  246. :D afraid of that slap are ya? Yep that’s how it was to begin with, I had no reason to play around with the speed slider as the speed was fine. I don’t know, something must have gone temporarily wonky. Switched back to 1.94 and thankfully I haven’t had a problem yet.

    Great tool btw, good job.

  247. Plus the problem happens randomly when I’m inside houses or buildings (rooms in particular, where thugs are). It’s happening again, and I haven’t touched the mouse slider.

  248. I just downloaded 1.95 beta, but I don’t see the changelog on this page. Could you post that too?

  249. I have this problem…what it can be ?and can you fix it ?

  250. nice, but can you add options to set the AA and select between shader model 3.0 or 5.0?


  251. Like everyone thats posted i thank you for this very helpful tool!

    Something that i would love to see is a HUD section that would allow you to toggle on/off different aspects of the HUD. I know there is modes that disable the HUD entirely and others that get rid of the melee cross hair, but to be able to choose at a click what is or isn’t on your HUD would be great. (personally i hate the little hand icons and the huge name display of items, often so large that you actually can’t see the item its self!)

  252. Thank you very much for this tool! You singlehandedly made Dead Island playable, and without your effort my friends and I wouldn’t have gotten the enjoyment out of the game that we did.
    The latest Dead Island patch just came out. It seems to have broken the game for a lot of people, myself included. Dead Island will not even start – it shows the splash screen for a split-second and then disappears. Techland took nearly four weeks to issue a single patch that didn’t work. You managed to patch their game in a matter of days and continue improving your patch, offering nearly daily updates. You’re probably the only chance we have of seeing a working version of Dead Island ever again. Please try to see what you can do.

  253. Thanks a lot for your work on this tool, it has helped my gameplay massively. Keep up the good work!

  254. Adding AA seems like a nice idea. I would love more information about this tool such as tutorial guide what exactly those options are for. More info would lead more details so we experienced or beginners can understand what to enable or disable completely and why! Great tool. I hated how ugly it look when i first got the game todsy. Now i want AA!

  255. how can i solve this error “Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application” ??

  256. Have you installed the .NET 2.0 Framework as the post requests?

  257. does it has to be 2.0?? i installed the latest .net framework 4..

  258. Yes. Fortunately, it’s only a 22MB download.

  259. thanks a lot.. ^_^

  260. It’s safe to have all Framework versions installed because various programs like this and others aren’t always built on the latest version. I normally have v2, 3.0 and 4.0 and yet I downloaded a similar program the other day that needed 3.5

  261. Any word on zafehouse 2 logan?

  262. why does it say here beta 1.94 but in the actual tool says 1.95?

  263. I was getting 30 – 40 fps before i used your tool and when i did i got 40 – 60 fps!! Thank you!

  264. Something in this disables the lethal steam jets from pipes.. I think it might be disable dust clouds since I had that checked.

  265. Is 1.95 beta approved for v1.3 of the game? I’m getting some strange things now that the game updated today. Can you post in the Steam forums to let us know?

  266. help me ,I have been getting this black screen issue.help!
    Black screen only with sound
    I have no multiple monitors.it is a laptop monitor

    I tired editing,deleting video.scr .

    What should I do???

  267. @ Logan, are you going to be adding the F5 save backup feature back?

  268. Im gettin an error saying its unable to find data2.pak so many options have been disabled, then when i click ok the program crashes saying it cant find inputs.scr. however last night i got the same first error, clicked ok, then it ran fine. My only issue with this game is one ive had on another game as well, just cause 2, and duex ex human revolution, it plays smooth for a short time( in jc2 and dehr the times varied, sometimes lasting hours and hours, however on dead island its usually 1-3 minutes) then it begins to lag terrible, if i alt tab and stay out for 4 or 5 minutes then go back into the game it runs great again, for another 1-3 minutes. Majorly frustrating!!! any help would be greatly appreciated. Using the nvidia geforce gtx 260m cuda 1gb. Really hoping this helper would fix it so i can actually play it for longer than a minute or two at a time. Thanks again for your time and work.


  269. Ok, first off thanks for this program, makes a huge difference. I posted before, but my post disappeared shortly after i put it up.Once i installed the patches i no longer get the dead island helper errors, but still gettin that weird lag/loss of frame rate. goes from 30-60 to suddenly 1 or 2 fps. if i alt tab and stay out for 4 or 5 minutes then alt tab back, it runs fine, for a random seeming amount of time, sometimes seconds once was 2 hours or so. Any ideas what else i can do to improve this? or to get rid of the sudden loss of fps altogether? Thanks for your time.

  270. i already downloaded the helper but there’s one problem with “change your dead island game folder” , i can’t select anything of the documents. how to select “out”then??

  271. and what exact “file ” do we have to select?

  272. Make a APB: Reloaded helper, it got some .txt files u can edit to change the graphics settings, so shouldnt be to hard to make a software for it :)

  273. Does it only work on certain versions? I started playing the game again after a month and now I can’t even get the helper to open. Whats up with that?

  274. Weird. Even though I don’t get a little toolbar thing my game started running better after I tried to open it (presumably it’s still using the same settings) So I guess it’s working anyway.

    Thanks for this mod, keeps my headaches at bay, the screen tearing and fps lag in this game is terrible, but this makes it playable.

  275. Mr. Logan I wanna say big many thanks to you! finally i can play this game without black screen anymore after use:
    – desktop composition fix
    – enable vsync
    before use this app, i’m stuck playing this game just 10 minutes then black screen to bsod (0x00000116, nvlddmkm.sys), now after use dead island helper i can play from hour to hour :D

  276. I looked to see where this had been answered, but I couldn’t find it – so if I’m repeating someone, please point me in the right direction? I’m just wondering where the customization folder is in the RELOADED version? I don’t have a “my Documents\Dead Island\out” folder; but I do have a “Dead Island\Out” (contains profile and saves folders) and a “Dead Island\DI\out” folder. Will either of these work?

  277. Hi,
    I downloaded the DI helper and tried to use it.
    Unfortunately, I have the same question as “T”.
    I think I have linked the folders correctly.
    However, there is no any change during my game.

    The diagnostic file says:

    Game directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dead island
    Settings directory: C:\Users\Aj\Documents\DeadIsland\out
    Userdata directory:
    Video.scr valid?: True
    FirstRun.scr valid?: True
    MD5 #1: c5c8541be48ecf8a5eed854d86a3bea1
    Game out check #1: False
    Game out check #2: False

    OS version: 6

    I found there are two false.
    Does I do anything wrong?
    Could you please help me to fix it?
    Thanks a lot.

  278. The game won’t load for me and the helper won’t work. Says it can’t find the “out” file. I’ve looked in both places suggested and I do not have an “out” file. Please help me!

  279. how to control mouse going slow when the begin the game

  280. I want to be able to change the resolution of the game. On the first buggy version I was able to tweak it to 640 x 480 and it ran like butter but now I can’t.

  281. Thank you for your lovely program. You are Godsend :)

  282. First, great utility. It goes a long way to making a seriously broken game playable.
    Second, any time I use one+ of the keyboard fixes, all my custom key bindings are ignored and set to the defaults.
    Something is wrong about asking somebody to fix a program that fixes a program…

  283. I know I’m a little late to the Dead Island party, however this error pops up for me. Note I am applying the D.I.H. in the dead island directory and not my documents due to not having a dead island folder in my documents. also, I am using reloaded release with the first reloaded patch that gives you the bloodbath & the ripper.

    I hope this is enough information, if you need more just ask and I will be more than happy to reply. and now for the error message:

    an unhandled exception on a non-UI thread has occurred with Dead Island Helper that cannot be recovered from. Please provide the following information to the author to help diagnose the issue:

    error code: could not find a part of the path
    dead island\DI\out\Data\Skills\default_levels.xml

    this application will now exit

  284. does this work with game of the year edition? where exactly is the out folder for steam version?

  285. does this support game of the year?


  286. I can actually run the game now, but a very bad side-effect Im getting is that whenever I change locations like going inside a building or teleporting it just freezes up with no explanation, I also get white blurry textures. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  287. hey, i jsut came across this and was wondering if it stops the screen from bouncing/shaking. when i play the game screen shakes making it kinda hard to play but extremely annoying. thank you!



  289. Is there anyway you can use the helper to turn on the Developers Console. Every time I mess with Data0.pak the game crashes and needs to be reinstalled

  290. Where can i Download this Tool. I really need it cuz im getting pissed off by the lags

  291. If you created Dead Island Helper Thanks a million I couldn’t get thru the sewers because of the SSOA shader. If you could please tweek it so it will work with Dead Island Riptide( Or tell me how) It’s getting released this Tuesday and I can’t wait I already pre-ordered it. Thanks again.
    P.S. Everybody with a NVIDIA Card needs your help !

  292. Please, please rework this to work on Dead Island Riptide. The game has sooo many issues already.

  293. Thank you very much for updating the utility to work on Riptide. That sure was quick you got it done already.



  296. Please Help me …

    Oops, something didn’t work!
    An unhandled exception on a non-UI thread has occurred with Dead Island Helper that cannot be recovered from. Please provide the following information to the author to help diagnose the issue:

    Error code: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.

    The application will now exit.

  297. Could you please add the “Disable Distance Blur” feature to the original Dead Island Helper. It’s such a fantastic fix and would make the original DI so much better.

  298. after using the prograM MY EVGA PRECISION ON SCREEN DISPLAY DOESN#T WORK ANYMORE :( so deleted it again, which is dumb, because weapon refraction sucks. but even after resetting and finally uninstalling the tool the on screen display still doesn’t work. works in other games as usual, worked before using this…. so what shall I do now ?!

  299. -windows 7 x86 bit
    -open the .exe
    -nothing happens

  300. Does this fix the heating issue with computer components in your computer? I have a very good computer (i5-4670k CPU, GTX 770 2GB).

    I don’t understand why this 3 year old game would make my computer heat up. Bad port, and bad game engine (Chrome 5). Shame.

    The console releases have no issues with the heating problem. Only PC. I played it on the 360 for 4 hours once, and it did not overheat it or lag or anything.

    TechLand/Deep Silver = Console fanatics. They care little for PC it seems.

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